Using pepper spray for self defense

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pepper spray
Pepper spray could save your life
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Send some pepper spray with your college-bound daughter

If your daughter has one foot out the door to college, one of the essential items that you may want to send with her is pepper spray. Parents worry. Young women sometimes do not always use the best judgment when it comes to their own safety.


There is nothing wrong with being street savvy. In fact, it can save your life. You can fend off an attacker from a safe distance when using pepper spray and the impact can be enough to drop him to his knees. 

Give the pepper spray to her, tell her to carry it and to not hesitate to use it if she needs to. Of course, women, and men, of all ages can use pepper spray for self-defense purposes. It is not relegated to the college set. So, when you order a pepper spray device for your daughter, order one for yourself too.


Pepper spray contains oleoresin capsicum that fiery stuff that is in hot cayenne pepper. The sprays can be oil or water based, although oil based is better because the contents do not separate.


Pepper spray can do the trick -- disabling an attacker -- long enough that your daughter, or you, can make a safe escape. The subject who is sprayed will feel the effects for 20 to 90 minutes. Generally, a pepper spray device can be fired repeatedly from a range of eight to 20 feet, depending on what type of spray you purchase.


Pepper spray does not emit fumes and will not deteriorate over time. However, you must hit your attacker directly in the eyes or mouth for it to be effective.Unlike tear gas, pepper spray is effective on people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or who are psychotic and do not feel pain. They will definitely feel this.


When pepper spray hits the eyes, nose, throat and lungs, symptoms occur immediately. The eyes dilate resulting in temporary blindness and the subject has difficulty breathing. The subject experiences intense burning on the skin. The eyes begin to swell. The mucous membranes in the nose, throat and sinuses sting.


Because the attacker is disoriented and temporarily blinded, the victim has time to escape. The short-term effects of pepper spray are enough to stop an attack in progress; however, there is no long-lasting or permanent physical effect.


Pepper spray can also be used if you are being attacked by an animal. Many dogwalkers carry pepper spray to ward aggressive dogs off of themselves and their own dog. Letter carriers and other delivery professionals often carry pepper spray for self protection.


Be aware that pepper spray may take a few seconds to kick in. It is always possible for your attacker to yank the spray can away from you and use it on you.


When you use pepper spray, you know in advance that it is not lethal and you are not going to kill your attacker so you should not hesitate to implement it when necessary. Purchase pepper spray that contains high levels of pepper, which is indicated by the SHU, which is Scoville Heat Units. The higher the SHU, the more powerful and hot the spray is.


Attach the spray can to your key ring, which gives you ready access to it. The canister is generally about three inches long so it is manageable and not bulky.


Remember that you should only use pepper spray when you are in danger. This is not a toy. Pepper spray is for personal security purposes exclusively. If you utilize the spray for a reason other than that, you are committing a crime. Should you use the spray, and cannot prove to a law enforcement officer that you were defending yourself in the process, you could find yourself arrested.


In addition to carrying pepper spray, consider taking a self defense course. Learning how to properly use pepper spray is advisable. In a self defense class you will be taught exactly how to use the product. You do need to have some knowledge of the device to avoid discharging it in a way that will hurt yourself. Furthermore, you must not be afraid to use it and should know the affects of the spray on your victim, which can vary. There is no one tried and true scenario so you should be trained flexible enough to deal with whatever might occur.

Pepper Spray Ownership Comes with Responsibilities
Video: How to use pepper spray on an attacker

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