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A good wallet offers many options for organizing important things
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Sort the contents of your wallet and keep the important stuff. Toss the rest.

Most of us stash too much unnecessary stuff in our wallets. We often fill a wallet to the point that it is bulging and pretty much worthless because we cannot find what we need when we need it. Dump the contents, siphon through it and weed out what is junk and what is important. Make it a point to select just the important things to keep in a wallet.

You should always carry a form of identity in your wallet. Most mens wallets are made with compartments specifically for identification cards. Ideally, this identification should be your license. Two forms are even better. A second form of identification can be your college I.D., library card or a state-issued identification card. You can usually get a state identification card at the same time you get or renew your drivers license.

A medical emergency contact form is advisable as well. This makes it clear who is to be contacted if you are in an accident, become sick or are incapacitated in anyway. Make a note of who your primary health care provider is and his or her phone number.

Your health insurance card should be in your wallet. Include any vitally important information such as a notation of any medications that you are allergic to in the event that you cannot speak for yourself. List any health concerns or special considerations an emergency care provider should be aware of. Your organ donor status is probably listed on your license but if not include that somewhere. You may not be able to access the same level of medical service if you are not carrying your insurance card: do not leave it at home. Often, your insurance company will issue two card, one for your wallet and one to be kept with your important papers.

Join AAA and carry the card. This membership can be invaluable if you are stranded. There are a host of other benefits to belonging to AAA, such as various discounts that are offered to members, including bail bondsman service. If your auto loan company or vehicle dealership provides you with roadside emergency service, carry this card with you.

Among the important things to keep in a wallet is a duplicate copy of your automobile insurance. Many people keep the original copy in their vehicle, with the auto registration. It is not a bad idea to keep an auto insurance card in your wallet as well.

Other important things to keep in a wallet will help you in an emergency. Stash some extra money in a hidden compartment to be used only in an emergency. Many well-made leather wallets have compartments creatively designed for items other than credit cards. A prepaid phone card is a good idea if your cell phone dies or you are in a dead-zone and cannot get a signal. You should have at least one credit card even if you have solemnly sworn not to use plastic. It can come in handy in an emergency. Your bank debit credit card is also essential.

You may want to write down the phone numbers of family members or others whom you or someone else may need to contact. Designate their relationship to you: Husband. Wife. Mother. Father. Employer. Slip this into your wallet.

Put a blank check in your wallet. You may need it for some unforeseen reason. You can also tuck an Excedrin in your wallet for a raging headache that can come on suddenly.

A small blank sheet of paper can come in handy as well. You might need to scribble down something, like a phone number. Always carry a couple of your own business cards. It is much more professional to offer a business card to a new acquaintance than to scramble to a pen.

Stick an extra car key or key to your house somewhere in your wallet in the event that you lock yourself out of your house or car or both.

If your wallet is large enough, and not too uncomfortable when you tuck it into your pants pocket, consider sticking a small flash drive into your wallet which can be used to retrieve and save material from a computer. These are handy little devices.

If you have room, squeeze coupons into your wallet. Everyone likes saving a buck.
Beware of tucking your wallet into a shallow pocket. The important things that you keep in your wallet are attractive to pickpockets and thieves. It is general wisdom that although these things are important, they have no place in your wallet: your social security card, your PIN numbers and any passwords.

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