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How much to spend on groomsmen gifts

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A thoughtful gift shows your groomsmen you appreciate them
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Know how much to spend on groomsmen gifts so you don't break the wedding budget

Sure there's the bachelor party, the renting of some slick tuxedos and being a part of someone's special day, but there's another aspect of being a groomsman that is perhaps just as exciting - the gift.

Brides and grooms shower their groomsmen with gifts as tokens of appreciation for being in the wedding and, more significantly, for being their friend. But choosing a gift isn't always so easy, and creating a budget can be even harder. Figuring out how much to spend on groomsmen gifts can be a bit tricky, but it's definitely possible.  

Itís common to feel pressure when trying to figure out what gifts to buy your groomsmen.You might find it difficult to find one present that all of your groomsmen will like. Plus, with all the money youíve spent on the wedding, you might not have much cash to spend on these gifts. Instead of blowing your wedding budget, itís best to figure out how much to spend on groomsmen before you go shopping.

The first step is to set a budget and stick to it. There are a lot of little things that require a good amount of cash, such as the photographer, flowers and even flower petals, so your cash can get used up fairly quickly. Therefore, once you decide just how much you can really afford, stay within that budget and make no apologies for it.

Donít feel like you have to live up to a certain standard when it comes to these gifts: your groomsmen will appreciate any gift they get and if they donít, they donít really deserve to be in your wedding to begin with.

If you donít have a large budget, that doesnít mean you have to show it. Your gifts donít have to look cheap, even if you canít spend a whole lot on them. A variety of groomsmen presents  are available that arenít expensive but are still high-quality. And if youíre not satisfied with the appearance of the gift, find a new present instead of increasing your budget.

Some ideas for groomsmen gifts include engraved shot glasses, flasks or cufflinks. If you want to give your groomsmen a present theyíll experience, pick up tickets to a sporting event, and surprise them with an awesome day. You could purchase personalized beer coolers that are filled with their favorite brew, nice ties or barbecue sets. You can find versions of these gifts at just about budget and youíre groomsmen are sure to love them.

If you just canít find any room in your budget for gifts, plan a fun night out. Buy each of your groomsmen a drink, and thatís likely all theyíll want.

No matter what you buy your groomsmen or how much you spend, theyíll likely be happy just being involved in your special day.


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