What is a bridezilla

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Bridezillas are often stressed, emotional and bossy
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What is a Bridezilla? A creation of popular TV - to avoid at all costs!

The bridezilla is about as powerful as the abominable snow man and bigfoot, but is far easier to spot. And, she actually exists.

The bridezilla doesn’t just affect those in her wedding, but she can have an impact on just about anyone around her. She’s frightening, she’s bossy and she’s the bride.

If you have to ask "what is a bridezilla," there’s a chance you may not have been in contact with one – and that’s a good thing. A bridezilla isn’t a peaceful, content and patient bride, who is grateful to her friends and family. In fact, she is quite the opposite. And if you’ve had the unfortunate experience of dealing with one, you may be scarred forever.

It’s true; the details of a wedding can be quite stressful and can cause just about anyone to crack. But, the bridezilla takes it to a whole new level.

One of the common characteristics of a bridezilla is she is super bossy. She may tell you to lose weight and even how to act. And the worst part of all is she won’t be too nice about it. She may shout at you and be rude in her requests. Instead of thanking you for being a part of her special day, she will likely snap at you for not doing what she wants.

A common trait of bridezillas is their need to be control freaks. Although one of the jobs of a bride is to be in control of the details, bridezillas can go overboard. She might ask you to dye your hair a certain color, whiten your teeth or worst of all – go on a diet. While it’s normal for a bride to want her party to look its best, a bridezilla gets a bit out of hand in her requests.

A bridezilla is often unable to control her emotions. Brides are typically under a large amount of stress when it comes to their big day. After all, the many details can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed. But a bridezilla will yell, scream and cry, more often than she smiles or laughs. It may seem like she has nervous breakdowns or temper tantrums on a daily basis.

Picking out a gift for the bride and groom is often a bit daunting. However, it’s a task that many enjoy because it’s a time to get them something they’ll cherish. The control freak bridezilla will actually demand that you get her a certain present and may scoff and hold it against you if you don’t come through.

Dealing with a bridezilla is possible, as long as you know how to handle her. A bridezilla craves attention and if she doesn’t get it, she might stop acting badly. If she starts to yell and scream, walk away. If she doesn’t have an audience, she’ll likely quell that behavior. You should also stand up for yourself. If she asks you to do something that is unreasonable, say no. If you want to avoid the confrontation, tell her you’ll think about it and refuse later when she’s less defensive.  

Now that you no longer need to ask what is a bridezilla, you can learn how to spot and deal with this type of person. However, remember that there is a reason she is in your life, no matter how strangely she acts right now. And she’ll likely go back to the person she was before when the wedding is over.


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