How to dress for your size

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Maxi dresses are flattering to just about any body size
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Know how to dress for your size by embracing a personal style

You could have the best-looking body in the world; however, if you wear the wrong clothing, you won't do yourself justice. If you feel your body has a few flaws, the right clothing can make it look perfect. Looking your best is all about dressing for your body size. And once you know how to dress for your size, you'll likely look better than you ever have before.

Straight and Narrow

If you're a skinny gal, or one who is lacking in the curve department, the key to looking stunning is accentuating your frame with the right clothing choices. For instance, donning stunning dresses that feature ruffles and other adornments add some curves to your body, making it look more sultry and interesting.

A tulle or tulip skirt makes your bottom half look fuller and creates the appearance of sexy hips. The same goes for your upper half. If you wish your chest area had more substance, go with a shirt that has adornments that make your bosom look bigger.


Yes, curves are gorgeous; however, too many can be a bit dangerous. The key here is to give your curves definition. For instance, your waist can easily get lost if you've got ample upper and lower halves.

To solve this issue, don clothing that features cinched waists, or create one yourself by wearing a belt. Doing so shows off your hot frame and lets everyone see your teeny tiny waist. And making yourself look taller is another way to even out those curves. To create the illusion of height, work monochromatic looks. One-colored pant suits and long skirts drag out your frame, making it look slimmer and sassier.

Full Mid-Section

If you've got a little extra in your belly and hip areas, go for clothing that can conceal the problem. Long, flowing maxi dresses hide that area, while making the rest of your body look fabulous. And use a belt or ribbon to show of your waist, if desired. This look is also perfect for ladies who are pregnant. Slipping a ribbon just above your bump shows it off even more.

Highlighting Good Features

One of the easiest ways to look gorgeous and feel super confident about yourself is to highlight features you think are your best.

For instance, if you like your legs, wear skirts and shorts that show them off. You could also wear tight-fitting skinny jeans to show off just how fabulous they are. If you've got nice arms, wear sleeveless tops to put them on full display. Like your collarbone area? Slip on some sleeveless dresses to show it off. And if you love your chest, wear plunging shirts or tight-fitting tops. However, don't go overboard with this. Leave something to the imagination and stop yourself from showing too much.

Now that you know how to dress for your size, you can look flawless all of the time. Looking this good also makes you more confident, and there's just about nothing sexier than a confident lady. So wear your properly-fitting clothing and strut your stuff in style.


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