How to wear purple eye makeup

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Get noticed in a good way with purple eye makeup
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Mastering how to wear purple eye makeup can give your eyes a dramatic glow

Purple eye makeup is one of those cosmetics that women often want to try, but are afraid to do so. Yes, the dramatic tone looks gorgeous on paper, but will it match with your eyes and skin? And you likely know there’s a fine line between looking fabulous and freaky, so you’ll have to apply the makeup correctly. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to do so and you’ll look runway-worthy when you’re done.

Before your rock any purple eye makeup, you’ll have to make sure it complements your coloring.

Gals with brown and green eyes look gorgeous when they are adorned with purple eye makeup. The tones in the shadow and liner complement the colors of your eyes, which make them vibrant and beautiful.

Ladies with blue eyes also benefit from purple eye makeup, as the coolness in the makeup makes a striking contrast with your pale eyes.

Just about any skin tone works well with purple eye makeup. However, keep in mind, pale tones should stick with lighter purple shades or else you could look too washed out. Darker skin tones can get away with donning darker shadows, as well.

Before you apply your shadow, coat your lids with a shadow primer. Doing so creates a base for your shadow to cling to and helps your shadow last. Then sweep a purple shadow over your lids. Eggplant, purple and violet typically look ravishing. Then sweep a lighter-colored purple on your brow bone. Doing so illuminates your peepers and gives your brows a shimmer.

Apply a line of eyeliner across the upper and bottom lash lines. Go from corner to corner on your bottom lashes for a dramatic effect, or only halfway for a more natural-looking appearance. For a totally purple effect, use a purple liner that is darker than your shadow. The eyeliner makes your lashes look lush and creates a nice contrast between your eyes and the makeup. You could also use black, brown or grey.

To open your eyes and get your lashes looking long and thick, apply a few coats of mascara. First; however, curl the lashes with an eyelash curler. Doing so gives them a nice flip, which makes your eyes look larger and more glowing. Then apply two coats of mascara, making sure the first coat is dry before you apply the second. To get your lashes looking as thick as possible, first apply primer to your lashes – it will also help the mascara stay around all day.  

Keep your other makeup natural and subtle when you sport dramatic eyes; if not, you’ll look like you’re trying too hard. Natural-toned lips, like those that are nude, allow the eyes to stand out and won’t compete with the purple colors.

Wearing purple eye makeup shouldn’t be intimidating. Rather, it should be fun. Let your creative juices flow when applying your makeup and you’ll look absolutely gorgeous as a result.


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