Creative makeup makes the most of blue eyes

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blue eyes
What many of us would give to have drop-dead gorgeous blue eyes like this. You can cheat a bit and enhance your eye color by using the proper colored make up.
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Using these makeup tips for blue eyes can make the most of your striking color

If you have blue eyes and want to make them pop, knowing the makeup tips for blue eyes practiced by models, makeup artists and cosmetic-savvy women will make the most of your beautiful coloring.

Paul Newman. Frank Sinatra. Zac Efron. Elizabeth Taylor. What do they have in common? Drop-dead gorgeous blue eyes. (Okay, so Liz claims hers are lavender, but you get the point.)

Using the right makeup colors in close proximity to your blue eyes can boost the depth of color in your eyes. There are various shades of blue -- hence, Liz Taylor's "lavender." You must first determine which category your blue orbs fall into before deciding on which colors to use.

Are your blue eyes the color of sapphire or very deep, dark Indigo blue? If so, the sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to eye shadow choices, although a makeup tip you might follow is to avoid light color shadows except for discreet highlighting on your brow.

Azure eyes that fall into the medium category are distinctly blue but not as dark as the eye color referred to above. You can use dark liner or shadow to line your eyes and in the crease of your lid but stick with light to mid-range hues when you are applying shadow.

Light cornflower blue eyes are particularly gorgeous but they can be over-powered if the eye shadow is too dark. Stick with soft, muted shades in the middle color range. Lining your light blue with a dark color can be very pretty.

If your orbs are actually a grayish-blue they will tend to change colors depending on what you are wearing. A blue jacket will make your eyes bluer while a gray sweater will bring out the gray. Sometimes blue-gray eyes look almost green. Some women who have this shade of blue eyes will match their eye shadow to their outfit.

A good rule of thumb tip to remember when applying makeup to blue eyes is that any color that is opposite the blue of your eyes is a complementary color and will look good on you. Bronze falls into this category and is a great color to place near your eyes -- as is copper. Blue eyes are adaptable to a large selection of colors, although those in the orange family, such as coral, rust and peach will amplify blue the best.

Some women who have sapphire eyes avoid wearing blue shadow whereas other think blue shadow enhances the color of their eyes. Experiment and see how blue shadow works for you. Do not purchase a blue shadow that is exactly the same as your eye color. Go a little darker or lighter.

Wearing a color that is slightly darker or lighter than your eye color will make your eyes pop. Using the same exact color may diminish the dramatic impact of your lovely eyes. Good color choices for blue-eyed gals include taupe, camel, violet, brown, deep blue and gray. Other shades that will augment the color of your naturally blue eyes are charcoal, dark browns, violet, pink, gold and silver, which will make your eyes look even bluer than they really are.

Experiment with green shadows. This might not go so well or, conversely, it might look great next to your blue eyes. Avoid using teal green or lime green and choose from the emerald and forest green shades.

When picking out eyeliner, remember this makeup tip: the darker the liner the more it will boost the blue in your eyes.

If you like to go bold, mix some blue liner with black liner and line your baby blues with this mixture, which gives you a vivid look. Consider using a shimmery gold shadow when going out in the evening.

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