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Doheny's Water Waterhouse is one of the leading discount pool supplies catalogs in the country with eight regional warehouses and 42 years of experience under their belt. Find all of your swimming pool supplies at affordable prices from discount pool chemicals to discount pool liners, pool parts and accessories.

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  • Doheny's Water Warehouse - Why call the pool man when you can save money with affordable do-it-yourself pool equipment from Doheny's Water Warehouse catalog? Bringing pool and spa owners the best value and most dependable service online, you'll find all of your must-have swimming pool supplies including discount pool chemicals, pumps, filters, heaters, water testers, pool liners, cleaners and a wide variety of pool equipment and accessories that are just a quick click away!

  • Discount pool chemicals and cleaners - Maintaining your swimming pool has never been easier, thanks to the Water Warehouse supply featuring all of the leading pool chemicals available today. Find discount pool chemicals including chlorine and bromine, algaecides and balancers, clarifiers and specialized products that remove even the toughest pool stains. You'll also find discount pool cleaners that help you save time and energy with robotic cleaners, suction and pressure cleaners and handheld vacuums that keep your pool clean all year long!

  • Discount pool liners - Dive into savings whether you're building your own pool or performing a major pool renovation! For residential above ground pools, in-ground pools or commercial swimming pools, Doheny's Water Warehouse lines your pool while saving you money with discount pool liners that come in a variety of styles. Shop for overlap swimming pool liners, beaded pool liners or rectangular flat bottom pool liners for your above ground pool, or in-ground custom pool liners with over 60 patterns to choose from!
Whether you have a traditional chlorine based swimming pool or spa, use a salt generator or alternative pool chemistry, Doheny's Water Warehouse is your main source for discount pool supplies and information with warehouses well stocked with discount pool chemicals, cleaners, discount pool liners and more for your pool or spa.