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Top 10 Ways to Walk for Miles

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 27, 2011
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One of the top ten ways to walk for milesContributed by Cara Hartley, Top 10 Guru

Walking is one of the healthiest habits a person can engage in.

As Paul Dudley White once said, “A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world.”

Although five miles might be a stretch for the beginning walker, any amount of walking is good for the mind, body and soul. The following are tips on how to keep up a daily walking program.

My top ten ways to walk for miles:

10. Music

One of the top ten ways to walk for miles

The type of music you listen to will influence your pace, so leave the Yanni at home. Opt for high-energy pop tunes. Lady GaGa is bound to help you get your step on.

9. Mix up your route

One of the top ten ways to walk for miles

Don’t always walk the same way! There are practical reasons for this, many women fall prey to stalkers and predators who have memorized their route, but aside from paranoia a good reason to mix up your route is to keep it from getting boring.

8. Bring a friend

One of the top ten ways to walk for miles

Nothing is better at taking your mind off the fact that you are getting exercise than a loquacious buddy. Experts do claim that focusing strictly on exercise and desired results creates better results. However, anything you can do that will keep you exercising, especially bringing along a motivated companion, is beneficial.

7. Walk your dog

One of the top ten ways to walk for miles

Owning a dog is often the only inspiration you need to get daily exercise. Veterinarians recommend that dogs get at least half-an-hour of exercise each day. Make sure to outfit your canine walking partner in a comfortable dog harness with a sturdy leash. Letting your mutt run around in your fenced in back yard doesn’t count, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself. Walking is good for you, good for your dog, and hey, it’s good for the environment if you run your errands a pie instead of in a gas guzzler.

6. Wear comfortable walking shoes

One of the top ten ways to walk for miles

Based on their quality or lack thereof, walking shoes can make or break your exercise routine. Find out if you are an over-pronator or a supinator, and get the right shoes for your stride. If you have weak ankles, be sure to wear ankle supports to avoid twists and sprains.

5. Dress for the weather

One of the top ten ways to walk for miles

Nothing can kill your workout faster than an unexpected attack of the weather. Dressing properly—in comfortable layers—can help you to stick to your exercise plan regardless of anything mother nature might dump on you. Quality sportswear for runners is perfect for walkers, too.

4. Wear a pedometer

One of the top ten ways to walk for miles

Knowing how far you are walking each day will challenge you to take more steps so use an accurate pedometer to measure your progress. Turn your daily workout into a game, and goad yourself to beat the previous day’s progress, then reward your hard-working tootsies with a relaxing foot bath.

3. Keep inspiration handy

One of the top ten ways to walk for miles

Why are you walking? Do you want to lose weight? Gain more energy? Write down your goals. Research has proven that when you write down your goals you are much more likely to achieve them. Making the intangible (a thought or an idea) tangible is the first step in getting what you want. Post your goals somewhere you will see them every day.

2. Cure what ails you

One of the top ten ways to walk for miles

Don’t let shin splints or foot pain keep you from walking. There are plenty of foot care products, from gel inserts to cold therapy socks to arch supports that will take the “waaah” out of walking.

1. Food

One of the top ten ways to walk for miles

Eat an energy rich snack before and after walking to restore muscle strength. If your muscles are properly replenished you will feel less sore and more energetic, which will make you more likely to want to walk the next day.

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