Anthro Technology Furniture

Workstations and office furniture to fit the human form

For ergonomic office solutions, or industrial and laboratory furniture, turn to Anthro. They have the flexible options your business needs, including:

  • Medical and industrial mobile work stations -- Take your work out onto the warehouse or hospital floor with their ergonomic office equipment designed for on-your-feet computations, data entry, and other computer use.

    What's Inside:
    Easy to adjust, their mobile units work comfortably for users of all heights.

  • Computer desks -- Anthro computer carts, laptop computer desks, single user and multiple user computer work stations allow you to configure your office design in ways that make sense to your unique business. Unlike some contemporary office furniture designed just for appearance, Anthro’s ergonomic office solutions adapt to a variety of users and work arrangements with a combination of height adjustable tabletops and keyboard shelves, modular storage units, and convenient cable management.

  • Server racks -- Space is always an issue in server rooms. Anthro has server racks and computer racks designed to maximize your storage and arrangement flexibility without compromising on access. Stationary and mobile storage allows you to place servers and monitors where you need them as project needs change.

  • Ergonomic seating and chairs for all applications -- The best ergonomic office chair can make the difference between productive, happy employees and high absenteeism due to back pain and other position-related ailments. Each of their fully adjustable chairs is designed for a variety of applications, from computer use to x-ray viewing. The Verté chair, a top of the line executive ergonomic chair, actually improves the users posture over time — not something you might expect for typical corporate office furniture online.

  • Laboratory and industrial tables -- From adjustable height table tops for microscopes and other analytical equipment, to units with multiple shelves and storage configurations, Anthro can make your lab or industrial setting more efficient and your employees more comfortable. Each of their ergonomic lift tables is designed to allow easy adjustment and yet provide stable work surfaces -- both essential for diagnostic and analytical applications.

  • Compact home office furniture --
  • Home office users can find products to suit their needs at Anthro. From a compact and efficient corner computer desk to a mobile laptop computer desk, Anthro’s attention to ergonomics and solid design pays off in the home office setting as well.

For ergonomic industrial, medical, laboratory and corporate office furniture online, from a laptop computer desk to a fully adjustable lab bench, Anthro’s furniture for technology catalog is ready to make a difference in your company.