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3Rivers Archery Frequently Asked Questions

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If you’re searching for archery equipment, your search ends at the river with the 3Rivers Archery catalog, the longbow, and recurve experts. Use the valuable coupon code to prepare for the hunt with top-of-the-line arrows for archery including arrows for hunting, shooting arrows, and masterful bows and bow accessories for pro and beginner archery levels.

Arrows for archery

What was once a historical practice used primarily in hunting and combat, has now become a celebrated, high precision sport. 3Rivers Archery honors the sport of archery by supplying archers and bowmen with a selection of high-quality, traditional wood shooting arrows that are crafted from premium wood and perfect for target archery, field archery, 3D shooting, and bowhunting challenges!

Shooting arrows and traditional arrows for hunting

Traditional Only Carbon Arrows are ideal for those who love the thrill of traditional archery. Carbon arrows are the arrows that traditional archers prefer for their proper weight for pass-through penetration and impressive arrow flight. Order carbon arrows sold by the dozen or six-pack, or choose a set of fletched arrows, aluminum shooting arrows, and tools to craft your own custom arrows at home!

Bows and bow accessories

Tired of hunting for the perfect bow? Shop a premium selection of longbows, recurves, and youth bows for beginners, all at 3Rivers Archery. Find your perfect bow as well as coordinating accessories including bow cases, strings, quivers, grips, shooting arrows, and more! From Primitive bows like the Medieval Huntsman Hunting Longbow to Exotic bows featuring the Magyar Sport, the 3Rivers Archery selection always hits the center of the target!

Youth archery

Order youth arrows for archery in colorful feathered styles, then choose from a collection of youth bows, recurves, longbows, and bow sets for them to shoot those new arrows off with! Set your mini archers up with kid archery accessories for added safety, protection, and easy transport including youth armguards and shooting gloves, small quivers for young bow shooters to carry their shooting arrows in, and shooting tabs that will fit most children from six to twelve years of age! 3Rivers Archery also carries arrows and targets that support NASP – the National Archery in the Schools Program!

Arm yourself with the perfect sets of bows and shooting arrows for 3D target shooting or bowhunting. Whether your archery passions lean towards primitive archery, traditional archery or modern archery, archers of all ages will be able to find the equipment and supplies that will take them to the next level, at 3Rivers Archery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit your store, what are your store hours, and how do I get there?

Sure! We’re easy to find and we welcome you to drop in for a visit and shop our warehouse any Saturday.
(You can still visit us during the week. You can fill out an order form and we can pull the items for you, or you can even call in an order and pick it up here whenever we’re open. If you’d rather browse our warehouse yourself and shop, you can do that any Saturday from 9:00 AM-2:00 PM.)

I can’t place an order on your website. I’ve tried to register! What’s the problem?

This is a simple “Cookie” issue. It boils down to how your particular browser and any intervening firewalls are configured.
“Cookies” is an Internet term that refers to a packet of information that a host computer (in this case, our Web server) uses to identify a visiting computer (in this case, your system running the browser). Each visiting computer is assigned a unique identification number that allows us to open and process a private shopping cart for you. You must enable your browser to accept cookies from the website. If you are running some type of “firewall” software and/or hardware you may have to stipulate that and are trusted sites and that cookies are allowed. If you are ordering from your workplace then the corporate firewall may block your cookies – it all depends upon the configuration of the corporate firewall.

How do I know what spine shafts to order?

Most bows can shoot a variety of spines fairly well. If you are interested in finding an ideal arrow for a given bow, then the spine is crucial. Many things affect spine selection. The following is a partial list of some of the more important information.

Do I need an Arrow Holder?

Arrow holders are popular with both compound and traditional shooters. The best is the “Kwik-Lok” arrow holder. It’s adhesive backed for quick installation, cut out for a plunger, and the rubber used in them is silent and supple, even in frigid temps. It’s the perfect accessory for treestand hunters who either hang their bows from a hook, or stand and hold their bow for hours. (The arrow holder eliminates the bowhunter having to keep their index finger hooked over the arrow all the time. Which is especially advantageous in the cold.)

How do I use the string separator?

This tool separates the strands of an endless string while your bow is strung so you can install the fur style string silencers described above without unstringing your bow. Squeeze the tapered tip between the strands then twist the unit and “lock” the string in the groove. Now your string has an opening for you to start the first ½” of the fur silencer in. Remove the tool and the string closes on the silencer. Wrap the fur around the string now “barber pole” style till you have about ½” left. Insert the string separator again twist and insert the bottom end. Remove the separator and again the string clamps down on the silencer holding it in place. This is another accessory that is at home with both compound shooters and traditional

What is the E-Z Kut Guarantee and how do I process mine?

Here’s the E-Z Kut Guarantee:
“E-Z Kut heavy duty ratchet pruners come with a lifetime guarantee. If this product should ever fail by breaking or the blades become too dull to use, chip or bend simply return it to E-Z Kut for repair or replacement. Please include $6.95 to cover shipping and handling.”

Here’s how to process yours:
Send your pruners plus a check or money order for $6.95 along with your name address and a note describing what happened to:
E-Z Kut
1935 S Plum Grove Rd
Ste 355
Palatine IL 60067
Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

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