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Many of the world’s greatest and most frequently used brands of paints, brushes, sheets, drawing supplies, and artist’s furniture are included in the Dick Blick Art Materials Catalog. You’ll discover reasonable rates as well as fantastic discounts. Since 1911, the name Blick has been synonymous with “fast” and efficient service, a large selection, product expertise, and a satisfaction guarantee that any artist can rely on.

Dick Blick Art Materials Catalog Frequently Asked Questions

How can I request a Dick Blick Art Materials Catalog?

To request your Dick Blick Art Materials catalog, fill out our Catalog Request Form and you’ll receive your free copy of + Dick Blick Art Materials with no shipping costs.

What’s New in the Dick Blick Art Materials Catalog?

Blick’s Resources for Art Educators catalog is filled with exciting educational products for students of all ages, skill levels, and interests. Find the most comprehensive selection of art and craft supplies in one place, plus classroom resources, free lesson plans, studio essentials, and much more — all designed to enrich your curriculum while making your school budget stretch further.

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About Dick Blick Art Materials

High-quality Art Materials at the Lowest Prices! All of your art supplies can be found in one location! Over 90,000 art materials are available to order, including the greatest variety of painting supplies, drawing supplies, and more. Many of the world’s finest and most widely used brands of paints, brushes, papers, drawing supplies, and artist’s furniture are included in the Dick Blick Art Materials Studio Edition catalog. You’ll discover reasonable rates as well as fantastic discounts. Since 1911, the name Blick has been synonymous with “fast” and efficient service, a large selection, product expertise, and a satisfaction guarantee that any artist can rely on.

Paint and Painting Materials for Artists

Paint and Painting Materials for Artists 

Fine art painting materials and paint media are available from Blick for painters of all skill levels, from the novice to the seasoned professional. Blick provides the best brands of painting materials for artists, including oil paint, acrylic paint, and watercolor paint, as well as cutting-edge painting media like encaustics, liquid acrylics for painting, and water-soluble artist crayons.

Cadmium-free oil paints, acrylics, and watercolors have been developed recently that have the same working characteristics and performance as traditional cadmium paints, but without the associated health risks. Spray paints with unique effects like stone, crackle, and glow-in-the-dark, as well as glitter, metallic, and chalky finishes, are excellent choices. In addition to watercolor and tempera paint sets, we now offer student-grade acrylics for beginner painters, classes, schools, and other educational settings.

Many paints may have pigments and metallic powders added to produce new hues and effects. Acrylic paint media, oil paint mediums, and watercolor paint mediums from Blick are available for a variety of purposes, including adding texture and structure, producing effects, or slowing, prolonging, or increasing the paint flow. In addition, we provide gessos, primers, and grounds for prepping painting surfaces for acrylic, oil, and pastel paints. Airbrush paints, furniture paints, craft paints, face and body paint, sign paints, fabric paints, and even Sumi inks and accessories are all available from Blick.

Dick Blick Art Canvases

Surfaces and Canvases for Painting

Oil paint, acrylic paint, gouache, watercolors, pastels, and other mediums are all supported by Blick’s canvases and painting surfaces. Canvas is a woven fabric often produced from cotton or linen, although it can also be made from synthetic materials. For artists who desire the freedom to cut their own unique sizes or wish to produce larger works of art, Blick has the greatest range of blank canvases in conventional canvas sizes, formats, and textures, including pre-mounted, pre-primed, and ready-to-paint stretched canvas.

If you want a more solid and portable blank canvas that you can take with you and put up quickly in the studio or on location, canvas panels, and canvas boards are popular options. An MDF or wood fiber backing is firmly affixed to a cotton or linen canvas before being flipped under and bonded to avoid fraying. Many painters still choose wood and hardboard panels as a substrate, which were popular in the 15th and 16th centuries. They provide an archival alternative to stretched canvas for non-flexible media, such as tempera, encaustic, and casein paints. Hardwoods like maple, birch, and basswood provide the foundation for primed or painted surfaces.

In addition to painting on canvas, painting paper and canvas pads provide a similar experience without requiring the use of large canvases, boards, or panels. Most painting paper is not truly canvas, but paper with a texture similar to canvas. Pads of real, primed artist canvas are also available for the utmost in mobility and versatility – no easel necessary!

Browse our selection of liquid art panels, which are ideal for working with a wide range of mediums such as acrylics, encaustics, and glazing solutions. Wood planks, bark edge panels, and other wood surfaces for home décor and creative usage are all available at Blick and are perfect for painting, staining, handwriting, and wood burning, among other things.

Dick Blick Art Materials for Painting

Paintbrushes and other painting instruments for artists

In terms of variety, Blick has a wide range of artist paintbrushes for all media and styles of artmaking. Our broad selection of brush fibers (including natural and synthetic paintbrushes), brush shapes, and sizes provides painters a wide range of options to suit their own work styles. Oil and acrylic brushes, watercolor brushes, and craft/foam brushes for decorative usage around the home, as well as make-up brushes for the theater, cosplay, and everyday use—Blick has them all at the greatest rates.

No other art supply supplier maintains such a large inventory and selection as Blick, which sources thousands of artist brushes from across the world. Every brush we have is kept in a climate-controlled environment to avoid dust, humidity, and temperature changes. The same care is given to our painting supplies. Blick offers the same outstanding service whether you’re buying a high-end artist paintbrush like a handmade Siberian Kolinsky watercolor brush for several hundred dollars or a canister of low-cost nylon paintbrushes for a kindergarten class.

Painting palettes, palette knives, paint rollers, and other studio needs like paint storage and tube wringers are among items we carry for painters.

Dick Blick Art Materials for Drawing

Materials for Drawing

Blick provides a comprehensive range of drawing materials ideal for sketching, graphic design, and illustration. Purchase drawing supplies such as markers, colored pencils, charcoal and graphite, and artist crayons. Drawings can be given a watercolor effect by using water-soluble graphite or water-soluble colored pencils. For drafting, template work, and other technical drawings, choose from a variety of mechanical pencils.

Art markers are a fun medium for artists of all ages and ability levels since Blick sells the most popular brands, such as brush tip, bullet tip, chisel tip, and hybrid markers, which can generate multiple subtle tones from a single tip! For long-lasting cards, artworks, and drawings, look at archival paint markers and pens, as well as acrylic pens and markers. Use fabric markers to create stunning designs on silk, cotton, and other textiles. Various tip sizes, exciting colors (such as glitter, fluorescent, neon, and more) as well as sets of various sizes are available for drawing delicate lines and wide strokes on a variety of surfaces – many in a washable format.

In addition to pencil sharpeners, we provide portable drawing boards, lightboxes, and drafting tables in a wide range of designs and sizes to accommodate any studio, school, or office. We also have electric, manual, and handheld sharpeners. Discover useful hints on how to pick a drawing pencil for your project.

Dick Blick Art Papers and Boards

Art Papers and Boards

Even if you just use fine art materials on a personal level, your choice of paper may have a significant impact on your ability to produce high-quality work. How can you know whether you’ve chosen the correct kind of paper? Consider the supporting media. For nearly every medium, Blick has the right paper in the right format, whether it’s in the shape of single sheets, art pads, blocks, multi-sheet packs, reams, or art paper rolls. Before making a purchase, do as much research as possible on the art paper you intend to use.

Dick Blick Art Furnishings and Art Easels

Furnishings and Art Easels

Artists frequently employ art easels to hold their materials as they paint, including canvasses, painting panels, painting boards, watercolor paper, and other types of artist substrates. For studio and outside (or plein air) painting, easels are available in a broad range of sizes and designs constructed of wood or metal with specialized characteristics for the kind of media being used. To work standing up, common types include A-frame and lyre easels; for heavy-bodied media such as oils, acrylics, or pastels, convertible and hybrid easels may be moved horizontally or forward, or anywhere in between.

When not in use, studio easels frequently feature wheels so that they may be moved to take advantage of the shifting light or stowed out of the way. Artists can use some easels in either a standing or a seated posture.

Plein air, French style, and tripod field easels are usually lower in weight, making them easier to travel to outside painting settings. H-frame easels feature large rectangular bases for support. Simple to set up and take down, sketch box easels provide a convenient way to travel paints and other painting tools while still using the easel as a palette. Tabletop easels are perfect for showcasing tiny works of art, such as paintings, pictures, drawings, and mementos, or for seated artists working on smaller canvases. Display easels are used to hold artwork at art exhibits and studios, as well as signs and other items in schools, companies, museums, workplaces, and other public places. It’s never too early to get youngsters interested in painting and sketching, and Blick has a wide selection of low-cost kids’ easels for both the school and the home. You may want to buy an easel for a variety of reasons, and Blick is happy to provide a broad variety to meet the budgets and aesthetics of students, starting and professional painters, and everyone in between with easels of all kinds.

There are a lot of factors to take into account while furnishing a studio, school, or home office. What’s the total square footage of your house or apartment? What are the greatest alternatives for sitting in this situation? How much space are you looking for? Many of these choices are no longer left to chance with Blick. Choose from a wide range of options for your creative studio. There are many different types of drawing tablets and storage choices including tables, seats, stools, and cabinets to choose from.

Art studios demand a distinct set of furnishings than classrooms do. For pupils of all ages, Blick offers storage cabinets and carts with detachable trays, as well as classroom desks and seats tailored to early childhood learning situations. There are also projectors, bulletin boards, and whiteboards.

Blick also sells home and office furniture if you want to give your house, workplace, or studio a modern, premium feel. Find accent tables, chairs, and desks, as well as bookshelves and ornamental storage. Complete the look with sleek and vintage floor and desk lights.

Dick Blick Art Supplies for Framing and Mounting

Supplies for Framing and Mounting

When you’ve finished or bought a piece of art, the next most essential decision is which frame to use to display it. Blick has a long history of providing clients with the broadest assortment of frames and framing equipment for a wide range of artwork. Today, our selection is unmatched by any other art supplies company. Blick provides everything you need to display your work to its best advantage, including wall frames, canvas frames, photo frames, and choices for archival-quality documents, as well as poster frames, picture ledges, shadowboxes, and other specialty frames. Hundreds of modern and traditional designs are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs. The company also sells picture framing products including matboards and pre-cut frame mats as well as glazing ingredients and picture hanging supplies. When you’re ready to hang, use our How To Make A Gallery Wall tutorial to figure out how to arrange your frames into a beautiful gallery wall!

Dick Blick Pottery, Sculpture, and Other Artistic Mediums

Pottery, Sculpture, and Other Artistic Mediums

Ceramics are made by hand-throwing, molding, or sculpting a clay body into an useful or ornamental shape, either on a pottery wheel or by hand. Finished ceramics are coated in paint-like glazes and baked in a high-temperature furnace known as a kiln. Sculpture and earthenware clays through stoneware, raku, and porcelain clays are all available at Blick, as are several glazes, underglazes, and glazing additives for use in high-, low- and mid-fire settings. Air-dry clay, modeling clay, and polymer clay are all available from Blick for use in fine art and craft projects, as well. The ceramic artist’s experience may be made more pleasurable and productive by selecting the proper pottery wheel, kiln, or other studio equipment. As a result, Blick is proud to offer a wide range of models from leading manufacturers, as well as comprehensive product information to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Sculpture materials from Blick may be used to sculpt and decorate your hand-built sculptures. Tool carving is an extension of the artist’s hand that helps form a piece and improve negative space. It also helps bring the artist’s vision to life. Utilize the wide range of Blick tools to create huge and tiny pieces. Are you influenced by the recent popularity of cosplay? Forming and casting materials may give your cosplay and theater projects a realistic or unreal feel depending on how they’re used. In addition, we provide resins, molds, and findings for jewelry and crafts, as well as stained glass, glass cutters and nippers, and glass fusion and casting supplies for the glass artist.

Supplies for the Artist's Studio and Office

Supplies for the Artist’s Studio and Office

Blick is a one-stop store for all of your art studio and office supply needs. The creative process may be chaotic for artists, so we’re here to help you stay on track and organized. Artists of all kinds may discover storage solutions for their tools of the trade, work-in-progress, and finished work in our vertical and flat files, rolling carts, storage cabinets, and desk organizers, whether they’re painters or potters, illustrators, sculptors, or pastelists.

Rather than going to the office supply store, browse Blick instead for everything from paper cutters to cutting mats to staplers to glue and push pins. Archival art storage boxes may be both useful and stylish, and we offer a wide range of options for safeguarding your priceless artwork, treasured pictures, and critical papers. Use art storage boxes, canvas carriers, bags, and backpacks to transport your art supplies and ongoing projects between the studio and the outdoors.

We provide large-format paper dispensers, drying racks, and storage cabinets at the greatest rates for classrooms and art rooms, as well as school necessities like pencil sharpeners and scissors for students, artists, crafters, and sewers of all ages and abilities.

Using the correct mat cutter, you may make your framed artwork stand out even more. Choose from a wide range of laminators for signs, crafts, papers, menus, and other uses. Browse our selection of convenient markers, pencils, and pastels storage and transportation options. Duct tape (or washi tape) is a staple in many households. Browse through Blick’s wide selection of designs and styles to find something that fits your style and your needs.

Low-cost craft supplies and ideas

Looking for low-cost craft supplies and ideas? Look no farther than Blick.

Arts & crafts or just crafts, Blick has the greatest craft materials – and DIY ideas — for the lowest rates, no matter what you name them. Craft projects may inspire creativity, bring people of all ages together, and help create lasting memories for everyone involved, from the smallest kid to the most senior artist. Because of this, Blick offers a wide range of inspiring craft materials for crafters who work in a variety of settings, including studios, classrooms, camps, and home schools, as well as hospitals, rehab centers, and rehabilitation programs. Choose from a broad range of fabric paints and papers, as well as collage and mosaic materials, thread, yarn, and fabrics for textile and fiber arts. We’ve got everything you need for papercrafts, wood crafts, metal crafts, leather crafts, and stenciling, plus candle and soap-making kits, jewelry beads and accessories, party supplies, craft kits, and kid-friendly DIY favorites. Do you want to make an antique table bigger and better? Use chalky paint to give your project a distressed appearance. Decorate a rustic wedding or party using wood crates, hand-lettered wood panels, and LED tea lights.

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