Here Doll dress patterns – Creative ideas for baby doll accessories
Doll Dress Patterns – Crafter’s Choice®

Books featuring doll dress patterns to bring your doll to life

Creativity is the spice of life! Have fun reading books that have doll dress patterns and other crafts you can follow to make cute accessories for your favorite toy. Spend hours creating something special for your beloved doll.

  • Bundle your favorite teddy bear in adorable knitted outfits made by yours truly. Put your creativity to the test and find out how to make cute baby doll accessories for your teddy in books packed with doll dress patterns.... read more

Image of doll dress patterns from Crafter's Choice ®  catalog
More About Doll Dress Patterns – Crafter’s Choice®:

  • Who said that playing with dolls is only for the little ones? The young and old will enjoy reading books with doll dress patterns. Transform old–fashioned dolls into stylish divas adorned in the latest fashions.

  • All you need is a little time and a lot of imagination to make finger puppets. Books with doll dress patterns show you how to cut and sew precious dolls from scratch with materials such as fleece, felt, buttons and yarn.

  • Gnomes, trolls and fairies are just a few doll accessories you can make to keep your toys company. Books with doll dress patterns also show you how to make different types of dolls like these. Have fun forming little noses, eyes and arms. It’s easy!

  • Stay young at heart and read books featuring doll dress patterns and other fun crafts. Have loads of fun with projects and crafts that will bring your doll to life.

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