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Fun mathematics games are a great way to learn about math

Do you have a reluctant learner who's struggling with math? Then try a different tactic with fun mathematics games and see if that doesn't turn him into a numbers whiz!

  • Some kids learn at their own pace, but every child loves it when education is fun. It holds their interest longer and makes it easier for them to retain facts. Fun mathematics games are a great way to get kids interested in numbers.... read more

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Mad Math, Akumulate and Shut the Box are board games that can get the whole family involved. They'll have such a good time, they won't realize they're sharpening their math skills, too!

  • If your child likes electronic games, there are fun mathematics games that talk, buzz and flash, too. Cash Back is great for teaching children how to count money, while Lock it In and Light N Strike teach various math concepts with animation, lights and sounds that will keep their attention. Any child who struggles in mathematics can learn in a fun way at home without it feeling like a chore.

  • Young Explorers has a wonderful selection of fun mathematics games, perfect for kids who need extra math help as well as for those who just love numbers!

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