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A preschool graduation certificate awards the youngest graduates

When each preschooler receives a preschool graduation certificate at their special commencement ceremony, it just makes the day more memorable for everyone involved.

  • Preschool teachers want a unique way to show their little students that they're moving on to the next level. What better way than with a preschool graduation certificate? The bright, cheery designs from Alphabet U are perfectly suited for the youngest grads.... read more

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Smiley faces, cuddly animals and school supplies are some of the designs you'll see on each certificate.

  • A preschool certificate set contains a certificate as well as a pencil, ribbon and pen all celebrating this achievement. Adorable animals dance around the certificate border. Teachers simply fill in the names, dates and other important information on a preschool graduation certificate. Choose from preschool certificates, promotion certificates, pre-kindergarten certificates and so much more!

  • Celebrate a milestone in a child's life with a preschool graduation certificate that the whole family will cherish.

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