Kapla USA

Kapla Blocks - The ultimate toy wood building blocks for children

In this day and age, it's difficult to find a toy that appeals to all age groups, but Kapla blocks do just that. From toddlers and teenagers to elementary school children and adults, no matter what their age is, Kapla toy wood blocks allow children to build anything their minds can conjure up, all at their own ability level. These safe, organic toys provide endless possibilities for fun.

What's Inside:
  • Toy wood blocks - The best wood toys that never go out of style. When you invest in a box of Kapla wooden toy blocks, you aren't just buying a set of building blocks children love to play with, you're also taking a major step in encouraging and creating well-rounded youngsters. Made from renewable forests of French marine pine, these sturdy wood building blocks come in 7 different colors and are all exactly the same distinctive size.There is no glue, no connectors, no snaps, no magnets and no mess. Building with Kapla is about playing, learning connecting, discovering and cooperating.

  • Learning toys that are fun - Kapla construction blocks aren't only fun, but they introduce kids to art, design, architecture, history, and a variety of other essential learning skills. With every building set, verbal and communication skills are enhanced as children construct projects together. Early exploration with simple blocks builds a subconscious understanding of math and physics. Children learn balance, equality, and even geometry as they play, building a concrete understanding of numbers and how they interrelate. You read to your child to promote verbal skills, now help build the foundation for math and science skills as well, starting with a box of Kapla's wood building blocks. Plus - everyone succeeds in Kapla building - there are no required complicated instructions - Kids create their own castles and kingdoms and they’ll talk about it too!

  • Organic toys - Now there's a green toy your kids will fall in love with even more than Kermit the frog! Kapla toy wood blocks are a safe, ecological and innovative alternative to electronic toys. Made from all natural marine pine, every block is certified safe and non-toxic. With no glue, screws, plastic, batteries or magnets to worry about, these are building blocks children can enjoy for hours while you enjoy feeling rest assured of their safety. Kapla is a lightweight and a perfect handy fit for little builders and older experts. Kapla Kids are fearless and fantastic builders as they build tall and taller.
Give your children what they need to enjoy their very own fantasy world of fun. Playing, creating, dreaming, learning and hours of building toy fun all in one box. Allow their imaginations to soar the minute you open up a set of Kapla blocks, the building blocks children love and adore. Let the creating begin!