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Kids learning games, educational toys and more

The Museum Tour Catalog helps extend the museum experience into the home or classroom, with fun kids learning games, toys and educational products.

What's Inside:
  • Museum Tour Catalog - The Museum Tour catalog is an award-winning educational toy, book and learning catalog that features an extensive selection of educational products that are museum inspired, parent, educator and child approved. Discover a wide range of exceptional learning games, activities, toys, and museum gifts that have the power to stimulate a child's curiosity and unleash their creativity, while providing hours upon hours of pleasure and an enhanced learning experience for all.

  • Learning Toys by Subject - Explore a collection of kids learning toys and games that are as entertaining as they are enlightening. With a focus on the arts and sciences, you'll find a wide range of educational items conveniently assorted and classified by subject. Browse kids learning games and aids that cover basic educational subjects such as History, Math and Science, as well as unique toys and activities that cater to their creative sides, including Performing Arts, Crafts and Music themed toys that will help your child benefit from a well-rounded education that goes a step beyond your everyday Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

  • Educational Books & Software - The Museum Tour catalog gives you access to an impressive library of educational books that cover a vast assortment of themes and subjects. Invest in early learning books that will inspire them to become life long readers, Math workbooks to master their multiplication tables, and even eBooks, MP3s and software covering Pre-K to High School, featuring the best digital educational materials available today.

  • Kids Learning Games & Puzzles - Keep their eager minds challenged and engaged with a collection of interactive educational games, puzzles and brain teasers that will help them keep their minds alert and immersed while developing crucial problem solving and critical thinking skills. Choose from educational electronic games, classic arcade games, puzzles, IQ challenges and board games that the entire family can enjoy together.
You don't have to visit your local museum in order to give your child a museum worthy learning experience. The Museum Tour Catalog reaches 2 million homes annually, supplying parents and educators with high quality educational products including kids learning toys, developmental games and activities that will enhance and complement any educational curriculum.