Kideo - Personalized DVDs

Let your kids be the stars of the show with personalized DVDs and videos

If your children love watching PBS, Nickelodeon other children's shows like Dora the Explorer and Barney, or adventure heroes like Spiderman, Kideo lets you order a personalized kids video or DVD, featuring their favorite characters talking directly to them!

What's Inside:

Your child will become a super hero when you choose a Spiderman personalized kids video. Let them have a starring role in an exciting action adventure - they'll never get tired of watching themselves save the day! This DVD also includes a personalized music video and an informational film about real spiders. These unique children's gifts are a perfect choice for birthdays, holidays, or as a memorable kindergarten or preschool graduation surprise.

Care Bears
Your little one will be whisked away to Care Bear Land in these fun and exciting educational videos. Choose from an I Can Do Anything video adventure that helps children overcome fears, or a fitness DVD that makes a healthy life just another part of Care Bear fun. Best of all, both of these personalized toddler gifts feature your child's name as part of the story!

It's a birthday party, and your child is invited to celebrate alongside BJ, Baby Bop, and of course, Barney himself. Imagine your child's joy when they hear their name and see their face in this excited animated adventure. For years, Barney's gentle lessons have reached children's hearts - now your child can share the screen with PBS's favorite purple dinosaur.

Dora the Explorer, Arthur and other characters
Through a special arrangement with Nickelodeon, your child can now see themselves as an animated character in a personalized children's DVD! No other personalized toddler gifts or preschool gifts can compare to the thrill of seeing themselves as the star of a Dora episode. Certain to become an instant favorite, these unique children's gifts let your child star right along side Dora and Boots, with his or her name as part of the story!

An Educational Choice
PBS and Nickelodeon specialize in educational children's programming, and Dora the Explorer and Barney, and Arthur are three of their most popular shows. With these unique personalized gifts for toddlers or preschoolers, your child will learn while they watch their educational cartoon favorites.

Children love seeing themselves and hearing their own name, and they love the stars of their favorite kids television shows. Choose from over 8,000 names in their database, and soon your child will actually see themselves in an animated Dora the Explorer personalized video, a live action Gregory the Gopher video, or hear his or her own name in their very own Barney or Care Bear video!

For a unique gift personalized just for your child or grandchild, let Kideo create memorable keepsake DVDs and videos. When ordinary gifts for toddlers and preschoolers just won't do, think Kideo, the leader in new ideas for kids personalized gifts.