Exceptionally creative European children's toys and baby dolls

Let your children enjoy the magic of imagination with fine European toys from Moolka. Committed to providing its customers with environmentally-friendly and beautifully crafted European toys, Moolka sells an incredible variety of well-made toys - including the best baby toys, wooden toys and more.

What's Inside:
  • Baby toys, wooden toys and unique puzzles - Discover the best toys to nurture your child's imagination at every stage of childhood. Moolka specializes in well-designed toys that your child will enjoy and cherish. Find specialty blocks, unique puzzles, early development toys, dolls, furniture and room decor, wooden play sets and more from a vast selection of brands such as Haba, Selecta, Kaloo, Plan Toys, Kathe Kruse, Djeco, Sigikid and Erzi.

  • Wooden toy farm tractors, cars and trucks - You won't have to worry about the mileage when you select wooden toy trucks and toy wooden cars from Moolka. These durable kid-powered vehicles can go the distance over carpets, bedcovers or sandboxes. Smooth, easy to grip designs make them the ideal choice for little hands. Choose from family style wooden toy cars, toy fire trucks, construction vehicles, toy farm tractors and more.

  • Toys to build imagination - Blocks and other building toys let children create a world all their own. From simple stacking to constructing elaborate castles, forts and houses, the blocks and building toys from Moolka will remain one of your child’s favorites for years to come.

  • Lovable toy baby dolls - More a friend than a toy, baby dolls inspire children to afternoons of adventures and evenings of whispered confidences. Soft and cuddly dolls from Corolle, or a whimsical companion from Doudou et Compagnie are the perfect choice to bring the magic of imagination to your child.

  • Soft organic toys for babies and children - Rest easy when your little one drifts off to sleep with their new soft and cozy European organic stuffed animals. Their friendly faces and bright colors will win your children over, while the safety of pure organic materials will make mom and dad feel better, too.

  • Imaginative toy kitchens - Let budding chefs and aspiring homemakers get creative with imaginative European toy kitchens. Combine their selection of kitchen sets, make-believe cookers and kid-sized refrigerators and other toy kitchen appliances with realistic looking play food for hours of make believe cooking fun.

  • Doll houses, furniture and doll house people - Perhaps no toy encourages as much pretend play as a doll house. Moolka's selection of dolls houses, furnishings and doll house people lets your child recreate the world around them in a way small hands and big imaginations will enjoy for years to come.

  • Dressup and pretend play - A special hat, a doctor's coat, a princess dress - and instantly, your child enters the world of pretend. That's the idea behind the pretend play costumes, accessories and props at Moolka. Add a child-sized musical instrument, a puppet or two, some toy baby dolls and watch the magic happen.

From unique doll house people to German wooden toys, the quality of fine European playthings and the wonder of childhood are waiting at Moolka.