Here Fashion bras turn a plain outfit into a fashionable one
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Fashion bras with jeweled straps are stylish

Turn a plain bra into a stylish one with jeweled bra straps. Make fashion bras with fancy straps which you'll actually want to show.

  • These straps are made for show - Unlike regular bras, bras with jeweled straps are perfect for turning a top or dress into a fancy garment. Add sparkle and shine to a strapless evening dress with these easy clip-on straps.... read more

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  • No more plain bra straps - When wearing a strapless top or dress, fashion bras can turn your look from simple to stylish. Detachable crystal bra straps, rhinestone bra straps and pearl bra straps clip onto a strapless bra, transforming it into an attractive accessory.

  • Made from fine crystal - Bra straps made from authentic Swarovski crystals turn plain bras into fashion bras. Brilliant round crystals come in single, double or four strand adjustable straps. Choose clear or go with black for those elegant black ensembles.

  • carries a variety of jeweled and beaded bra straps, turning regular bras into fashion bras quickly and easily.

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