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Just For Kix catalog brings a great selection of dance costumes, ballet tights, fitness clothing, competition dancewear, ballet clothing, and dance shoes. Select your dance uniforms, accessories, and dancewear online from their easy-to-use website and money saving coupon code, or request their dancewear and dance costume catalog and shop by phone.

The premier also offers dance-related gifts, jewelry, dance music, and dance videos. Discounts on popular brands like Body Wrappers, Capezio, Danskin, and Mirella fill their online dance costume catalog. For all your competition dancewear, practice clothing, dance shoes, and dance costumes turn to Just for Kix!

About Just For Kix Catalog

Justforkix Catalog

Dance costumes play an important role for every dance or a dance team in their performances, shows, and competitions. Dancers spend days to get their act memorized and execute it with perfection. Every dancer will need a costume that matches the dance or event theme, if not the same. And to get all this, you need to browse through the selection of dance costumes catalog of Just For Kix.

Their catalog offers a great selection of dance costumes, competition dancewear, ballet tights, fitness clothing, ballet clothing, dance shoes, and much more. From classic to modern, no matter the theme, the catalog has everything to fit the bill. They’ve also got all the accessories like gloves and belts, and even bows for you to choose from. What’s more, Just for Kix also offers dance-related gifts, jewelry, dance music, and dance videos. Overall, you can achieve the exact look you need for your next dance performance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Just For Kix

#1. How can I request a Just For Kix catalog?

To request your Just For Kix catalog, fill out the Catalog Request Form and you’ll receive your free copy of Just For Kix with no shipping costs.

#2. Does Just For Kix charge any shipping fees?

The company charges $4.95 on domestic shipping for regular delivery for orders up to $75.

#3. What are the payment options available at Just For Kix?

Just For Kix accepts personal checks, money orders, PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Discover charge cards. The company does not accept any COD orders. 

Dancewear Catalog


No dance performance is complete without dancewear. Having the right dancewear can make or break the look of your performance,. So, it’s not a product you should leave off the checklist in any situation. High-quality dancing wear is the base of any serious dancer cache. It means, if you want to put on the top show, you’ll need the best dancewear you can find.

Just For Kix dancewear catalog offers a wide range of apparel for dance in all styles. Their products are categorized by the specific item you might need. You can browse through the tops, leotards, undergarments, knitwear, among other items, until you find the right product that catches your eye. The selection of the dancewear catalog is so complete that there’s something for just about everyone. No matter your age, size, event theme, or budget, you can get what you’re looking for with Just For Kix. Moreover, you’ll get dancewear at fair prices with more than the reasonable regular pricing of the company. So, whatever your fancy, rest assured that you’ll be getting the very highest quality for the best prices around.

Bottoms Catalog

Dance Pants

Dance pants are an important part of the look, and you have to ensure you get the best. Every serious dancer- male or female is extra choosy about the pants they wear for class, rehearsal, or at the event. They’ll try several items that come in the market in search of getting the perfect dance pants. But even then, most people don’t find the right dance pant to their liking. Not anymore, as the bottoms catalog of Just For Kix carries a large selection of the best varieties of shorts, leggings, harem pants, jazz pants, hip-hop pants, Capri pants, palazzos, skirts, and more.

The Just for Kix’s bottoms catalog consists of pants to suit any dance style. For example, traditional dancers may find the range of plain pants to be just what they need. The store offers a large number of form-fitting, solid color bottoms in different makes and cuts. If you need something high-waisted or something that is a bit tight or loose than normal, then you’ll find that too. Moreover, you’ll love to browse through the selection of plain shorts, capris, shiny metallic, or faux leather options for making a particular look more complete.

For making a different and unique kind of statement, you may take a look at the selection of harem pants. Pants with baggier style are the best way when you want something loose or look complete for a specific theme. Moreover, the collection of hip-hop-style pants and leggings open up your world of possibilities for urban-themed dance numbers. No matter what you want, a plain legging, a fashion print, a jazz pant, a skirt, or a more specialized option, you’ll find it all here. Make sure that you take a look at all the choices to find and shop exactly what you need.

Just For Kix Kids Catalog

Do you believe that finding the right dancewear for adults can be tough enough? Have you ever tried searching down girls’ dancewear? Many consider it even more difficult because of the necessity to find the right-sized options. Just For Kix believes that the buying process should be hassle-free and hence has designed their operations in such a way that even someone not well-versed in the dance field can track the right dance clothes for girls. Here, you’ll find the clothes you need for your kids without you having to know everything about the latest dance styles and fashions

Just For Kix has sourced their dance clothes for girls from the finest selection, combing through the finest options and offering them to you at reasonable prices. Here, you’ll find a wide range of options including, leotards, leggings, boots, shorts, dance shoes, and much more in girls’ sizes. For an inventory that is well-categorized, the options available here are some of the best in the business. Just click on what you need to find that it is available for purchase.  

Just For Kix Dresses Catalog

Does it get any more beautiful and elegant than the dance dress? Dresses for dance symbolize a unique flair of an individualized costume to match a particular style or performance mood. There’s nothing quite like performing on the stage in a well-made costume, and Just For Kix has done everything they can to ensure you find the best contemporary and modern looks to choose from. The apparels range from the deceptively simple to the most brilliantly extravagant; however, all of them evoke an unmistakable sense of style and go a long way in capturing the unique look for whatever performance you might have in mind.

The dresses catalog has got multiple styles that cover just about anything you dream of. If you need something flashy, then you can try a sequin dress. These dresses will look stunning by providing the right amount of sparkle you need to win your audience. The selection of lace dresses provides a classy and sophisticated look that still manages to impress. You’ll get all the options that provide an extra dose of visual appeal with fashionably asymmetrical leg lines that draw the eye.

Furthermore, if you want something more basic, then you may want to take a look at the plain white, long dresses. With their flowing charm and peerless grace, these dresses are still great for grabbing attention. The company offers multiple colors, brands, and fabric options to narrow down your choice so that you get the exact dress you want.

Just For Kix Shoes Catalog

Have you asked yourself- “Are dance shoes that important?” Or “Do I need to buy dance shoes even though I already have some sport shoes?” To answer, a proper dance shoe will not only give you just the right amount of traction to move around the floor, but it will also help you to perform without you having to think about your shoes. And, if you are searching for a quality option of dance shoes to suit every need, then you should browse through the selection of Just For Kix. You’ll find dance shoes for kids, ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, and much more.  

The shoe catalog of Just For Kix has almost everything in all kinds of colors and styles. For instance, if you are going to perform a ballet and you need a new pair of slippers that are light and flexible, then you can take a look at the fresh pair of Capezio’s that will fit the bill. In case you are getting up for a heavily choreographed show with an urban theme to it, you may want to buy the solid pair of dance boots that will surely make your performance remember. No matter what your preference, the Just For Kix shoe catalog has everything you are looking for. The company takes everything into account including, fitting, heel heights, soles, cost, and more.

Just For Kix Tops Catalog

Say hello to the evolution of style with the widest range of dance tops that aren’t just what they used to be. The selection of dance tops available at Just For Kix comes with hundreds of styles for you to pick from. You’ll find dance tops for adults and kids that include crop tops, dance bra tops, jackets, sequin dance tops, and much more.

The top catalog houses some of the best brands in multiple color patterns, and visual motifs so that you can narrow down exactly what you want. Whether you want to buy something flashy, or plain classic, or in between, you will find everything to make you complete. Not only you’ll find hundreds of options available, but you can shop quality products at affordable prices. Just For Kix is your one-stop shop when you want tops for dance as you can buy a meticulously selected range of options that look great and go easy on your wallet.

Just For Kix Leggings Catalog

Apart from shoes, leggings are possibly another important item of clothing in a dancer’s kit. Dance leggings are also important for a dancer as they give the ability to perform at the peak of their abilities. And when it comes to finding different styles and colors, the leggings catalog of Just For Kix should be your one-stop solution.

In the leggings catalog, you’ll find a range of black leggings that every dancer may like to have in their kit. They come in proper fit and shape for allowing superior body movement while simultaneously showing off your natural grace and elegance. Not only black, but you’ll also find camo leggings, galaxy, and printed leggings in different cuts and styles like low-rise, high-waist, full-length and more. You can take a look at the multiple sizes to accommodate your body type, as the store offers choices from youth sizes up to extra large varieties. So, whether you need a new pair of leggings for dance, exercise, yoga, or something else, the catalog offers what you need and that too at affordable prices.

Just For Kix Leotards Catalog

Shop for the deceptively simple one-piece dance garments that offer as much variety as possible so you can find exactly what you need. These dance garments offer complete freedom with their design to keep things uncomplicated to aid movement and flexibility when you perform.

For instance, the range of Capezio leotards runs through a variety from plain tank styles to long-sleeve and unitard options as well. Most of these leotards are simple (without frills), making them great for ballets. However, it is not the only option available in the catalog. If you need a leotard with some flair, then Just For Kix has got you covered in that space as well. Moreover, you’ll also find a huge collection that adds a modern twist to the old concept, helping you to express yourself even further in a visual manner. The biketard provides a bit of flourish without obstructing your performance which makes them an ideal choice for showing out.

What’s more, you’ll not find dance leotards only for adults, as the catalog offers a broad range of kid’s leotards as well. This includes biketard styles, among other variations that you’ll find in the adult leotard category. If you want quality leotards for your dance show, practice, and more, then look no further than Just For Kix.

Just For Kix Tights Catalog

Discover the best tights for dance that are an important component of ballet and other forms of dance, mainly because of their form and function. In the tights catalog, you’ll find a range of ballet tights that are great for providing a superlative range of freedom and movement to dancers. Best of all, the dance tights available in the catalog don’t just come in one style, as there are several variations for you to choose from.

The body tights available in the catalog are great for covering the majority of your body and also offer a seamless look between top and bottom. On the other hand, the stirrup tights are great for providing a bit more stretch, while the bottom of these tights are great for providing a deal of support and durability, assisting your movements as you glide across the dance floor. The options just don’t end here. The tights catalog also has footless and convertible tights, among other options, in multiple color options for you to choose from. No matter what you need, with Just For Kix, you are more than likely to find what you need.

Just For Kix Accessories Catalog

Browse through the wide range of dance accessories of Just For Kix that do not disappoint you with its options. They have the best accessories around, and you will surely feel that it is the best place for all your dance gear needs. The items available on the accessories catalog are great for touching up your personal style and adding just the right level of authenticity to your next

Here, you’ll find bags for all your dance gears that come with exactly the right purpose in mind. They also provide a sturdy way to transport your items and allow you to express your character uniquely. Further, the great-looking dance jewelry and hairpieces will certainly help add elegance to a dancer’s image. The collection includes loads of necklaces, pendants, earrings, hair clips, bun builder, and much more, all at the price that makes it easy for you to stock up and save big. You can consider this as the icing on the cake to make you look great, as the accessories catalog has got the options that are sure to make you look complete.

You can also take a look at the metallic poms to highlight your theme. Apart from this, you can buy a pair of urban-style dance gloves and a nice snapback hat that will seal the look and complete the mood. What’s more, if you just want to add a bit of sparkle, then you can go for the extra sequins available on the site. Just For Kix offers all of this and more at the best prices in the market. They have kept the selection reasonable so that you can stock up on all the dancing accessories you need without running your dance funds dry, making it the one-stop place for all of your dance gear needs.

Just For Kix Catalog Cover

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