Here A chocolate truffle cake is perfect for special occasions
Chocolate Truffle Cake - David's Cookies

A chocolate truffle cake is the ultimate in decadent desserts

Spoil your guests with a decadent chocolate truffle cake, the ultimate in party desserts!

  • Only the best ingredients for the best chocolate truffle cake you'll ever eat - Dark chocolate truffles blended into a smooth mix combine with heavy cream and semisweet or bittersweet chocolate for an incomparable treat. Top it all with creamy frosting and your taste buds will think they're in heaven!

  • Can you choose just one? - Your chocolate truffle cake options include chocolate raspberry, marble and mocha hazelnut, among many others, including sugar free varieties.... read more

Image of chocolate truffle cake from David's Cookies catalog
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If you just can't decide on one, choose the truffle cake sampler and see how tasty they all are.

  • Your next party will be a hit - Imagine your guests' reactions when you pull out all the stops with such a gorgeous and mouthwatering dessert. Perfect for dinner parties, social gatherings or anytime!

  • David's Cookies has the chocolate truffle cake of your dreams, so treat yourself -- and party guests -- to the ultimate in decadence.

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