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Pepper Joe's catalog for hot peppers and chile seeds online

Pepper Joe's catalog is the home of champion hottest peppers and chili seeds online - they've been nominated for the "World's Most Influential Pepper Grower"!

What's Inside:
  • Hot Pepper Seeds - Whether your palate can take the heat index of the Ghost Pepper, Butch T. Trinidad Scorpion, Moruga Pepper or the new World's Hottest Carolina Reaper, Pepper Joe's catalog has the seeds to your own prized pepper and chili garden. Grow the best super hot peppers with ease when you choose from top quality seeds and follow the expert tips on growing peppers and chiles.

  • Cayenne Peppers and Jalapenos - Choose the seeds for a pepper crop that will add just the right amount of heat to your favorite spicy dishes. Turkish Cayenne are perfect for your kitchen garden and will please adventuresome international cooks. Grow jalapenos that are sweet enough to eat straight from your garden, or perfect to de-seed and add to your favorite Mexican dishes. Anyone who is a wiz in the kitchen knows that the right amount of heat can make a dish spectacular.

  • Sweet and Hot Peppers - Fill your garden with some spice when you plant varieties from the best pepper selection online. Choose little Jellybean peppers, Bolivian Rainbow, Peter Pepper, Golden Jabaneros and Hot Lemon pepper seeds. You will love the rainbow of pepper colors, from greens to oranges and reds, in their seed catalog. A wonderful array of pepper plants is beautiful in the garden and a welcome challenge for any chef.

  • Organic Pepper Seeds - They promise impressive germination rates for all their organic seeds. Grow a healthy, natural garden when you go organic and use their tips for natural pest repellents and green fertilizers. The best defense against aphids, ants and other insects is starting with the healthiest organic seeds available, and this the place to find them. They promise no genetically altered seeds, all open pollinated and no hybrids - all of their 100% organic seeds are clearly marked for your convenience.
Pepper Joe's coupon code savings and free packs of hot pepper seeds with every order make it fun to add some spice to your garden with super hots, exotic peppers and a full compliment of chiles to add some fire to those gourmet recipes.