Simply Australian - DYNALOG ONLY

Australian candy, foods, t shirts, and more Australian souvenirs

Simply Australian is America's go to Australian Grocer and gift shop, filling Yankee pantries with the most sought after Australian candy and foods, as well as souvenirs and gifts that celebrate the land down under.

What's Inside:
  • Australian Foods - From Vegemite, Marmite and meat pies to hot cross buns, cakes, puddings and Tim Tams, Simply Australian is your source for all of your favorite gourmet exports from the Outback. Whether you're shopping for sweet cookies and biscuits or savory sauces and cooking supplies, you'll find all of your essential Aussie edibles, all in one aisle. Stock up on honeys and jams, hot and cold beverages, chips, snacks, and more delicious gourmet groceries that not only make great pantry staples, but tasty Australian souvenirs for friends, family and loved ones.

  • Australian Candy - They'll be happy as Sheila when you appeal to their sweet tooth with the most popular Australian candy found on the continent. Stock up on bestselling candy bars from Violet Crumble - the crisp, crumbly, airy and addictive honeycomb bars coated in decadent chocolate, to ripe and juicy Cherry Ripes, Freddo Frogs, Flake bars, Aeros, Chokitos, Boost bars, and more. Get your chocolate by the bar, bag or block, plus oh so sweet licorice, lollies and gum in a variety of fun flavors.

  • Australian Souvenirs & Gifts - Find the perfect gift or trinket that will remind you of your time spent in the lucky country. You'll find classic Aussie boomerangs and didgeridoos, books, maps and music CDs, road signs, collectible coins, flag gifts and more, plus a collection of adorably plush stuffed kangaroos and koalas that will please all of your happy little vegemites.

  • Australian T-Shirts, Clothing & Accessories - Show your love for all things Aussie with a cool collection of apparel and accessories that will show off every ounce of your Aussie pride. You'll find graphic t-shirts, emblem polos, Kakadu Traders clothing and bags, oilskin dusters, Australian Bush hats, rugged work boots, cozy slippers, Aussie socks, and hi-tech stay-cool cobbers that will actually lower your body temperature by cooling your skin! Simply ideal for those hot days down under.
Over 55,000 Aussies in America consider Simply Australian their go to catalog for Aussie products, featuring a market filled with hard to find Aussie foods, candies, and a gift shop of fun findings, souvenirs, and mementos from the land of Oz.