Made in New Mexico

Exquisite Southwest gifts, foods, jewelry, home decoration and Southwestern art

The treasures of the Southwest abound at Made in New Mexico. You'll find items for Southwestern home decoration including Southwestern art, plus Southwestern jewelry and plenty of other New Mexican foods and gifts.

  • Southwestern home decoration and gifts - For Southwestern decor, don't settle for anything that isn't Made in New Mexico. Choose from handcrafted clocks, table lamps, kitchenware, tableware and other Southwestern home decoration accents.

    What's Inside:
    From hot and spicy Chili pepper decor to Southwest pottery and ceramics, you'll find everything you need to bring the Southwest into your home.

  • Southwestern jewelry - Try on quality handmade Southwestern jewelry including bracelets, earrings, pins or a lovely Southwestern necklace crafted by native silversmiths. Choose from gorgeous pendants, colorful hand painted ceramic jewelry or turquoise jewelry designs featuring the finest cuff bracelets and turquoise rings to decorate any and every finger!

  • Southwestern art - A collection of Southwestern art prints by some of New Mexico's most beloved artists, made exclusively in the "Land of Enchantment", New Mexico, USA. Take in whimsical folk art prints, vibrant and festive imagery celebrating the Day of the Dead, or Mexican landscapes in vivid color and abstract forms. Beautiful works of art at amazing prices.

  • Southwestern food - From mild to super hot salsas and sauces to piņon flavored coffees and delectable cocoas, Made in New Mexico has it all. You'll find plenty of gourmet spices and seasonings, plus green chile foods that capture the classic flavors of New Mexico!

  • Southwestern crafts - When it comes to arts and crafts catalogs featuring themes of the Southwest, you've got it made in the shade with Made in New Mexico. From hand printed retablos to wall sculptures, wood carvings to trivets and tiles, plus ornaments, frames, matchbox covers and more, all proudly made in the USA!

  • American Indian dream catchers - One of the most fascinating traditions of Native Americans, the dream catcher protects sleeping individuals from negative dreams while letting positive dreams through. Good dreams slip through the hole in the center and glide down the feathers to the sleeper below while bad dreams are caught up in the web, expiring when the first rays of the sun strike them. Order your dream catcher and sleep better knowing your bad dreams will be far behind.
Whether you're shopping for Southwest decor for your home, or a Native American dream catcher to keep those bad dreams away, find the highest quality imports this side of the border. If it's Made in New Mexico, it's made for you.