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Built in wine cabinets, wine cellars and gorgeous wine stemware

The seasoned team at International Wine Accessories (IWA) are the leaders in wine storage and accessories, supplying wine connoisseurs with built in wine cabinets, built in wine cellars, wine racks, barware, stemware and all of the wine supplies to nurture the best tasting wines.

  • Built in wine cellars - Protect your wine investments from temperature fluctuations, vibrations and damage from excessive light exposure with built in wine cellars that help maintain steady and proper temperatures for your wine. Take advantage of accurate temperature readings via digital displays (available in most models) and more special features including low-vibration designs that actually prolong the life and flavor of your wine!

  • Built in wine cabinets - For the beginning collector or the seasoned collector, IWAWine provides wine aficionados with expertly crafted wine storage units from a distinctive and timeless Port wine bottle cabinet (available in intricate Bordeaux, Verona or Seville styles), adjustable shelf wine cabinets that hold up to 325 bottles, or premium built in wine cabinets that feature elegant tasting stations so you can host your very own wine tasting at home!

  • Wine cooling units - The heart of every wine cellar is the cooling unit, which is why IWA brings you state-of-the-art cooling systems that keep every bottle in your built in wine cabinet properly chilled. The masters at IWA will help you select the perfect wine cooling unit to suit your personal needs featuring three different types of units: through-the-wall systems, split systems and air handler systems available in a variety of sizes, styles and models!

  • Wine stemware accessories - Accommodate your new built in wine cabinets with an elegant supply of helpful wine accessories that will help you entertain while savoring every sip! Choose from ornate bottle stoppers to personalized bottle labels to show off your collection. Allow your wine to breathe with handsome decanters, drink from glorious stemware and keep your bar stocked with corkscrews, funnels and more must-have wine accessories that no wine lover should have to live without!
Featuring an array of built in wine cabinets, built in wine cellars, wine racks, cooling systems and hundreds of other unique wine essentials, IWAWine.com brings you everything you need to enjoy the finest wine experience, every time you uncork a bottle.