AJ Prindle

Car gadgets, travel accessories, tailgating supplies and more

Get on the road with A.J. Prindle. They have the car travel accessories you need for a worry free trip around town or across the country. Choose from:

  • In car GPS navigation systems - You'll never have to fumble with unwieldy and out of date paper maps again when you install one of their fixed or portable GPS systems. Quality Garmin GPS systems will get you where you need to go in record time.

    What's Inside:

  • Tailgating supplies - Have fun before the big game with A.J. Prindle's selection of tailgating supplies. From shades and shelters (and a tailgating umbrella hitch to keep it all in place), to a can fridge and fight song car horn featuring your favorite team, they have the tailgating products you need to get the party started.

  • Pet travel accessories - Your four-footed friends deserve a safe and comfortable trip, too. Check out the pet travel gear, including crates, harnesses, booster seats, and even a complete pet travel kit, with collapsible bowls, seat belt leash, retractable leash and other travel essentials.

  • Emergency car gear - When it come to car travel, accessories that keep you safe are the most important things to pack. They have the emergency gear you need, from glass breakers for emergency escapes to jump starters, alarms, emergency kits and portable compressors.

  • Winter driving supplies - Winter driving requires a whole different set of rules…and different travel gear. Check out their traction mats, ice scrapers, personal warming devices and other winter-ready car products, and stay safe all winter long.

  • Car care supplies - Keep your car clean and organized with Prindle's collection of car care supplies. Whether you need to wash, wax, vacuum or organize, they have the right supplies and equipment for the job.

Whether your travel takes you a few miles from home, or thousands of miles each year, they have the car travel accessories to make your journey safer, easier and more enjoyable. From in car GPS navigation systems to emergency car gear, you'll travel better with A.J. Prindle.