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Home electronic gadgets employ the latest and best technology

You like having the latest and the best that technology has to offer, so choose home electronic gadgets from Hammacher Schlemmer for all of the current, innovative electronics available today!

  • You're the first to have everything, from cool wireless speakers, iPod accessories, GPS homing devices, media accessories, portable electronics, alarm clocks, media conversion devices and much more! You'll find home electronic gadgets to meet your need to have the latest, including a video camera pen, bluetooth speakerphone, iPod dock and slide and negative converter.... read more

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  • Beef up your home's security with safety and security gadgets like solar floodlights, power failure lights, wireless intercom system, two way radios, home sentry, motion tracking web camera, surveillance cameras, plus more. Not only are home electronic gadgets designed to put you in touch with current technology, they're also perfect for keeping your home safe and secure!

  • For the man or woman who loves what home electronic gadgets do for keeping you connected, you'll love the great selection of innovative and unparalleled gadgets available here!

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