Here Watch Winding Machine - Wind your watches automatically
Watch Winding Machine - Brookstone

An automatic watch winding machine saves you time

Choose a watch winding machine for yourself or as a special gift for someone. An automatic winder ensures that your precision watch will always have the right time.

  • Self-winding watches do half the work, but a watch winding machine does the rest! Automatic watch winders are careful not to overwind your watch with a built-in timer feature that keeps perfect time.... read more

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More About Watch Winding Machine - Brookstone:

Just set your watch in the winder and go. Have more than one watch to wind? Then a dual or quad watch winder works on two to four watches at once.

  • Besides the watch winding machine mechanism that keeps impeccable time, you also get a beautiful display case to set watches in while they wind themselves. Quiet action won't disturb you while it winds clockwise, counter-clockwise or in a bi-directional rotation. Instead of worrying about whether your watch is keeping time, let the automatic winder do the work while you do more important things.

  • Brookstone has the perfect watch winding machine for you, either to keep or give as a gift to someone special.

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