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A wireless headset system ensures a professional performance

The serious musician or speaker needs a quality wireless headset system for every engagement.

  • Make yourself heard wherever you are - The rock musician needs a quality wireless headset system to make sure he doesn't miss a beat, while a lecture hall professor will use hers quite differently. Choose from brands like Shure, ElectroVoice, Audio Technica, Samson, Behringer and Nady for the quality you need.... read more

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  • A range of prices for every budget - Find a wireless headset system specifically designed for your needs and budget. The frequent public speaker may desire a high-end model, while the infrequent user can select a system that's more in line with his needs.

  • Great for musicians, actors, commentators, speakers and moderators - Don't worry about not being heard with the superb sound quality these systems offer. Microphones can be handheld, worn on the head or lavalier, so the choice is yours.

  • zZounds Music makes choosing the perfect wireless headset system easy with full details and affordable prices.

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