Fairfield Collectibles

Diecast replicas - from diecast cars to model airplanes, Harley motorcycles and steam tractors

Find a wide assortment of attractively priced, high quality diecast replica cars that are highly sought after by collectors, enthusiasts and nostalgia buffs. From diecast Packard cars to Studebaker cars, diecast steam tractors to diecast model airplanes, you'll always find the diecast replica you want, and in mint condition.

What's Inside:
  • Diecast cars & motorcycles - Branded the collector's source for the greatest selection of high quality vintage diecast cars, Fairfield Collectibles offers you the most authentically detailed collection of 1:18 and 1:24 scale vintage diecast replica models, as well as other popular sizes, scales and dimensions. From diecast Packard automobiles to Buicks, Cadillacs and Chryslers to Pontiacs and Plymouths, you'll find the most impressive selection of replica vintage cars to Harley diecast motorcycles all in one garage!

  • Diecast steam tractors - Find diecast tractors from Fairfield Collectibles that are meticulously crafted in heavy gauge diecast metal and recreated with exacting attention, authentic detailing and loaded with operational features. From Post-war Ford tractors from 1945 to the bright yellow and green John Deere tractor classics, Fairfield Collectibles offers you a selection like no other.

  • Diecast model airplanes - The Fairfield Collectibles catalog is filled with a vast array of authentically detailed WWII diecast model airplanes, diecast model jets, diecast helicopter models, tanks and historic ship replicas. War buffs everywhere will fawn over B-25 Mitchell Bombers, AC-47 Gunships, Huey Choppers and more stunning aircraft replicas, not to mention the Aces of WWI Fighter Collection featuring four of the most important and significant WWI fighters of all time!

  • Modern diecast car replicas - Just as extensive as their supreme vintage car collection is Fairfield Collectible's selection of modern cars of today! Take a test drive with a 2010 Ford Mustang GT or a 2010 Camaro convertible today!

  • Diecast trucks - With so many diecast trucks to choose from, you'll have trouble picking only one to add to your collection! Choose from a King of Beers Budweiser trailer, classic Studebaker or Ford pickup replicas, or an honorable selection of vintage diecast fire trucks dating back to the year 1914! Ideal for older or younger collectors, featuring bells, extendable ladders, plus custom display cases.

  • Military Collectibles - Whether you enjoy reenacting battles of the Civil War or consider yourself a WWI or WWII military buff, Fairfield Collectibles has what your collection is missing. From authentically detailed hand-painted soldiers, to remarkable recreations of ships, submarines and armored vehicles to detailed knives, originally designed for combat, their vast array of unique items is sure to please.

  • Historic Firearms - You’ll be blown away by Fairfield Collectibles’ assortment of firearm replicas. From the days of the Western to now, they offer revolvers, rifles, derringers and more (all items are blank firing replicas that cannot be made to fire live ammunition).

  • And that's not all... They offer dioramas, display cases, music collectibles – including Beatles instrument replicas, sci-fi collectibles, puzzles and more! Visit their website today!