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Outdoor living items make for great backyard fun

Throw the best garden and backyard parties when you have outdoor living items designed to make your life easier. Party hosts and guests will have a fabulous time...or you can simply enjoy your pool and backyard in relaxing solitude.

  • Use the power of the sun and save on your electric bill with solar-powered outdoor living items like solar walkway lights, orb lights, outdoor shower, landscape lights and pool heating rings.... read more

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These innovative outdoor items rely on sunlight, saving you time and energy! Other useful items include cool mist outdoor fans, tomato gardens, beverage coolers, mosquito traps and a variety of grills perfect for grilling delicious burgers, hot dogs and steaks.

  • Whether you use outdoor living items to create an inviting party environment or you enjoy them on your own, you can outfit your yard with comfortable hammocks, gliding chairs, outdoor pool showers, lounge chairs, fireplace/grill/smoker combos and much more. Create your own backyard oasis and relax or entertain in superior comfort!

  • Hammacher Schlemmer carries the best outdoor living items, sure to turn your home's yard and garden into a beautiful retreat.

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