American Numismatic Association

Everything for the coin collector -- from guidebooks to coin storage

The American Numismatic Association is your complete resource for coin collecting supplies and coin collecting information.

What's Inside:
  • Coin collecting guide books -- Beginners and experienced numismatists alike will love their huge selection of coin collecting books, including books about the history of money and coinage, coin preservation and cleaning, and coin collecting values.

  • Coin collecting numismatic supplies for grading -- American Numismatic Association carries the software and tools to aid you in accurately grading your coins. Of all the coin collecting supplies available, the right tools to grade your collection are probably the most essential. Select calipers, microscopes, loupes, grain/gram scales and magnifiers, then choose the software and books to help you make the most of the information.

  • Software for your coin collections -- Keep track of your collection, track values and want lists and get the best available information on coin grading standards with the software featured in the American Numismatic Association catalog.

  • Storage for coin collections -- Keep your valuable coin collections safe and protected with the most basic of all coin collecting tools - a holder. Choose individual PVC-free single coin holders, flips, and coin edge holders to maintain each coin's beauty and condition.

  • Correspondence courses -- Get the latest in coin collecting information when you subscribe to the American Numismatic Association's correspondance courses. Choose from courses on coin counterfit and alteration detection or coin grading, and take your hobby to the next level.

Let the American Numismatic Association's Money Market catalog be your coin collecting supply resource. From coin collecting information to the supplies every coin collector needs, they are ready to help you with your numismatic hobby.