Collectible America

Collectible coins from the US states & around the globe

One of the most popular hobbies worldwide is numismatics - coin collecting. Start or add to your inventory of collectible US coins and currency and international collectible coins.

What's Inside:
  • Collectible mint coins - If you're wondering where to buy collectible coins, look no further than Collectible America. They offer a large selection of proof sets and other uncirculated collectible us coins.

  • State quarter collections - Among the most popular choices for beginners are state coin collections. Don't shop a dealer who carries only one or two choices -- choose your mint or colorized state quarters from the state coin dealer who offers a large selection of sets and individual coins.

  • International gold coins for sale - Collectible America has access to the best international and US gold coins available today. Their selection of gold coins for sale includes the popular Golden Eagle, plus coins from Canada, Australia, and other countries.

  • Old collectible coins - Own a piece of history when you choose from their collection of rare and valuable coins from the 1800's. Rare coin collecting offers not only the joy of owning something few people today have ever seen, but also the thrill of the hunt as you search for that elusive coin to complete a set or collection.

  • Historical documents and autographs - Treat yourself or the history buff in your life to a one of a kind historical document featuring the signatures of great figures in world history like George Washington, Fidel Castro, and other famous men and women. Check out their ever changing collection of these unique documents.

Collectible America offers one of the largest online coin collections available to the general public. They are a trusted and experienced international and US coin dealer, ready to help you find that one perfect collectible coin or start a brand new collection. When you're looking for rare, limited edition, or collectible silver or gold coins to buy, shop where the numismatists shop --- Collectible America.