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Enjoy 14K gold diamond earrings that make everyday special

You don’t need a special occasion to wear 14K gold diamond earrings. Make everyday extraordinary when you adorn your fashions with diamond jewelry that will put you in the spotlight and make people turn heads. You might be mistaken for a movie star!

  • Give a pair of 14K gold diamond earrings to that special someone to commemorate any occasion.... read more

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These earrings make awesome gifts for birthdays, holidays and other special events.

  • You'll look your best when you select from a variety of 14K gold diamond earrings. Do you prefer white or yellow gold? Do you look best in a pair of diamond studs or do you prefer earrings that dangle from your ear? Whatever you want, the choice is yours.

  • 14K gold diamond earrings are the perfect accessory to jazz up any outfit. Have fun wearing gorgeous diamond earrings without worrying about losing them. All diamond earring come with safety backs to keep them secure and in-place.

  • In addition to 14K gold diamond earrings, you can select from an array of other fine jewelry including loose stones, colored diamonds and priceless eternity bands.

  • Nothing says “I love you” better than a pair of 14K gold diamond earrings for your loved one. Available in a variety of styles, select from an assortment of hand-selected diamond jewelry made especially for you.

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