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Customized music boxes make wonderfully unique gifts

Custom music boxes make incredibly thoughtful musical gifts for anyone who loves to hear beautiful tunes every time they open the lid of a gorgeous jewelry box.

  • Imagine how happy a gift recipient will be to find a custom item just for them! Customized music boxes are exquisite, exceptional pieces that are crafted to last a lifetime. Music Box Attic carries a huge selection of beautiful jewelry boxes -- now you can add a personal touch and delight any child or adult.... read more

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Customized music boxes are wonderful presents for any special event.

  • Whether for Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthday, new baby, housewarming, wedding, anniversary or corporate occasion, customized music boxes are a thoughtful option that's well beyond an ordinary gift! Instead of the same old uninspiring choices, consider this personalized present that truly shows how much you care.

  • Combine the beauty of music with the fine craftsmanship of a quality musical box with customized music boxes perfect for giving or for adding to your unique collection!

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