Here Faberge Musical Eggs - Faberge style musical eggs
Faberge Musical Eggs - Music Box Attic

Faberge musical eggs are delicate and enchanting collectible items

For a one-of-a-kind collectible, Faberge musical eggs make charming and elegant additions to any Faberge lover's collection. Now you can combine the beauty of the eggs with lovely music in unique pieces that are exquisite!

  • Imagine bold, vibrant colors and intricate detail in one beautiful piece. Anyone who loves the beauty of Faberge eggs will find these Faberge musical eggs uniquely gorgeous.... read more

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More About Faberge Musical Eggs - Music Box Attic:

Choose from green, midnight blue, golden orange and wine red. You'll want every one of these beautiful pieces to add to your collection. Besides the fine details on the outside, you'll find small compartments inside that will house jewelry and other tiny keepsakes.

  • It's the great attention to detail that sets these Faberge musical eggs apart from anything else! Green shamrock styles, tall musical clock styles, romantic heart theme and whimsical nature themed eggs are just a few of the incredibly beautiful musical eggs you'll find here. Music Box Attic boasts a collection of Faberge eggs that any Faberge fan would love to own!

  • For the ultimate in uniquely designed collectibles, Faberge musical eggs are unforgettable pieces of elegance and beauty.

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