Here Ford diecast cars are for the serious collector
Ford Diecast Cars

Ford diecast cars are impressive replicas of actual Fords

Now you can have a collection of classic cars without paying millions of dollars. With Ford diecast cars, perfect replicas for the serious model car collector, your entire Ford collection can fit in your home.

  • Beautiful vintage Ford replicas - Precision care and attention to every facet of actual Fords make these Ford diecast cars impressive to behold.... read more

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More About Ford Diecast Cars:

From the 1908 Ford Model T to the 1971 Mustang Mach 1 in brilliant red, you'll want every single model in between.

  • For the serious Ford fan - These beautifully detailed and rendered Ford diecast cars are for any collector who truly appreciates American-made automobiles, even in replica form. Start with T-Buckets, Harley roadsters and Model A sedans, and work your way through history with a 1949 Ford convertible, 1957 Thunderbird and a 1964 Falcon.

  • Superb renditions - Start with heavy gauge diecast metal or genuine hardwood, add authentic detail and a surprising variety of operational features that you won't see on your average diecast car. These model cars are gorgeous replicas that will complete your collection.

  • Ford diecast cars from Fairfield Mint are a great way for the model car enthusiast to build an impressive collection of American-made automobiles.

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