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Romantic Music Box - Music Box Attic

A romantic music box makes a lovely gift for women

Treat her to something special with a romantic music box from Music Box Attic! With the beautiful musical boxes you can choose from, you're sure to find the perfect romantic gift for that special woman in your life.

  • Whether for a birthday, Mother's Day, anniversary, birthday or just because, a romantic music box will please any woman who loves the exquisite detailing and classic tunes that come with these stunning boxes.... read more

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More About Romantic Music Box - Music Box Attic:

Choose from musical boxes featuring ballerinas, flowers, hummingbirds, hearts, stained glass themes, butterflies, rainbows and much more!

  • These jeweled musical boxes are unique and extraordinary items that anyone will love. Finely crafted with the utmost in quality and care, a romantic music box will delight her every time she opens it. She can also store precious jewelry gifts inside. Make that next gift-giving occasion unforgettable with a musical jewelry box that's second to none!

  • For the sweetheart in your life, choose a romantic music box for a gift that she'll always treasure, in a design and style perfect for her.

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