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Ejewelrygifts.com is your online resource for discount fashion jewelry, sparkling Swarovski jewelry and medical jewelry.

What's Inside:

Swarovski crystal necklaces - The sparkle and beauty of Swarovski crystal jewelry is unmatched by any other crystal jewelry. Accent your wardrobe with lovely Swarovski crystal necklaces in your choice of colors – or select them all for the perfect look with everything you wear.


Fashionable medical ID jewelry - Medical jewelry can save lives, by alerting emergency personnel and doctors to potentially life-threatening allergies or other medical conditions. Ejewelrygifts.com offers unique and fashionable choices in medical jewelry, including beaded bracelets in a variety of colors. Whether you have a pacemaker or life-threatening allergy, or need to notify emergency personnel about medication notice or diabetes, they have the medical alert jewelry you need at Ejewelrygifts.com.


Therapeutic magnetic jewelry - Enjoy the healing pain relief of magnetic bracelets and rings. Testing has shown that a magnetic therapy bracelet can significantly reduce the pain of arthritis and other ailments when worn regularly. Find out for yourself just how effective they can be.


Stylish necklaces and bracelets - From dramatic and unique beaded necklaces to classic ID bracelets, they offer a complete selection of reasonably priced jewelry gifts for the whole family.


Men and women’s rings - Whether you’re looking for a sleek and modern men’s ring, or a classic platinum engagement ring for a special lady, they have rings for all occasions and all price ranges.


Jewelry boxes - While you’re selecting jewelry, consider adding a lovely wooden jewelry box to your gift. A beautifully crafted jewelry box is a gift anyone would appreciate.


For lovely, affordable discount fashion jewelry, let Ejewelrygifts.com be your online jewelry store.