Studio Sabra

Jewelry by Israel's top artists - original sterling silver necklaces, sterling pendants and silver rings

Enjoy the beauty of unique handcrafted elegant jewelry from today's finest Israeli jewelry designers. Choose from gold and silver, and sterling silver necklaces, sterling silver pendants, sterling silver bracelets and more.

What's Inside:

  • Sterling silver necklaces, pendants and chains - Add a new sparkle to your look with elegant beaded, sterling silver, or gold and silver necklaces. From a sterling silver heart necklace to a beaded necklace adorned with semiprecious stones, each sterling silver or gold handcrafted piece represents the best of today's jewelry design.

  • Gemstone, beaded and sterling silver bracelets - The hardest part about selecting a beaded or sterling silver bracelet from Studio Sabra is choosing among the dozens of stunning beaded and sterling silver bracelets they offer. Each handcrafted piece is certain to become a treasured element in your jewelry collection.

  • Gold and sterling silver rings - Whether you select simple gold and sterling rings, or beautiful pearl, Swarovski crystals, or garnet rings, you'll own a work of art from a talented Israeli artisan. Choose several gold and sterling silver ring styles to coordinate with your day and evening looks -- these sterling rings are too lovely to own only one.

  • 14K gold or sterling silver earrings - Treat yourself or a special friend to the beauty of handmade artisan jewelry when you choose elegant sterling silver earrings to coordinate with Studio Sabra's sterling silver bracelets and necklaces. The simple touch of pearl, the sparkle of gemstones and crystals, the understated look of finely crafted gold or silver - no matter which gold or sterling silver earrings you choose, they are sure to become an instant favorite.

  • Talisman necklaces - Enjoy the ancient beauty of a lovely protection amulet or hamsa necklace. These historical symbols of fortune and protection have been transformed into modern works of wearable art though the artistic vision of Studio Sabra artists. Choose one for yourself, and another for someone special in your life - the perfect symbol of friendship and caring.

Let the artists at Studio Sabra bring their magic into your life with each of their handmade gold and sterling bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earring sets.