Tonner Doll Co.

Beautiful collectible dolls and pop culture character figures

Collectors have loved the doll artistry of renowned designer Robert Tonner since his iconic collection began in the 1950s. Explore the world of collectible dolls in the Tonner Doll Co. catalog and enjoy beautiful savings with the coupon code below.

What's Inside:
  • Fashion Dolls - Tonner fashion and Effanbee dolls are designed for collectors who love the world of high fashion with extraordinarily crafted dolls, exquisite clothing and detailed accessories. You will find American Models dolls, the Nu Mood Collection, Re-Imagination dolls and collectible Tiny Kitty dolls to grace the shelves of your doll collection. Tonner fashion dolls are fancy, vintage, contemporary and historic, and each one tells a story with style that is unique to Tonner Collections.

  • Pop Culture Dolls - If you love movies, TV series and book characters, you will fall for the Pop Culture Tonner Character Figures. There is a place in every doll collectors heart for characters like Sheldon Cooper, Vintage Wonder Woman, the Wicked Witch of the West and Willy Wonka. Tonner Dolls has even created the pop culture lovers Julie and R from Warm Bodies. You won't be able to resist the mystical characters from the Avatar Collection, either.

  • Child Dolls - If adorable child dolls are your weakness, Tonner Dolls has precious little ones just for you. Sweetie Pie and Patsy will melt your heart, with their hand painted faces and delicately designed baby doll outfits. Of course, you will find outfits only here too, like the adorable Nighty Night Sleep Tight outfit and Patsy's Play Date ensemble. With all the doll clothing choices here you can dress your collectible dolls for every event and season.

  • Tonner Toys - Young doll enthusiasts will find fun contemporary dolls to love at Tonner Toys, created by Fashion Doll icon Robert Tonner. Find Maudlynne Macabre and City Girls dolls Houston, Brook-Lynn and Billy in the beginner collector doll collections. You can start a lifetime of hobby of doll collecting with the inspired and funky basic collectible dolls.
Tonner Doll Company is a wonderful place to find an enthusiast doll collecting community, with their informative blog and archive of doll news and articles. They also have an industry famous Doll Hospital, so if your treasured dolls are in need of some TLC, you don't need to look any further.