Hearing Help Express

The best hearing aids and accessories, from digital hearing aids to batteries

Enjoy better sound and complete peace of mind with the finest hearing aids and coordinating accessories designed for those dealing with hearing loss.

What's Inside:
  • Digital Hearing Aids - When daily conversations become difficult to make out, it's time to invest in hearing devices and accessories that have the power to amplify your world. Discover an affordable selection of digital hearing aids that will make day-to-day sounds and conversations easier to understand, at prices that will cater to any budget. Choose from ready to wear and super discreet in-ear designs, behind the ear models, or custom aids by Diplomat that are custom fit especially for you. From mild to moderate, severe to profound power levels, you'll find the right fit for any ear, any level of hearing loss. Order a single unit for asymmetric loss or two units if both ears are affected.

  • Personal Sound Amplifiers - If you don't need a hearing aid just yet but are still in need of a little audible boost, a personal amplifier may be the right option for you. Turn up the volume with a QSA (Quiet Sound Amplifier) that will help you hear soft sounds better, whether you're watching television, listening to the radio or a lecture. Allow their expert service specialists to advise you on how to choose the best hearing aids to suit your needs, or download helpful instruction books that will help you learn about some of their most popular models.

  • Batteries - Ensure that your aids are properly powered up and ready to be received with premium digital hearing aid batteries delivered right to your door, for less. You'll save up to 41% off of high quality Renata, Xcelland RAYOVAC brand batteries, plus, shipping is free! Order just what you need or stock up and save even more. Enjoy the convenience of having fresh and reliable batteries available any time with back-ups that are only a few clicks away.

  • Accessories - Even the best hearing aids are useless if not properly maintained. Keep your model in top condition with the right accessories for both in-ear or behind the ear models. You'll find cleaning kits, cases, replacement tips and tubing, cell phone amplifiers, battery testers and more items that will help you care for your ears as well as your aids, so you can continue to achieve the clean, clear sound you deserve.
For over three generations, Hearing Help Express has provided their customers with the low cost, high quality hearing devices and accessories that they can afford as well as depend on. Shop with confidence for the premium aids, batteries and supplies you need to enjoy and maintain crystal clear sound.