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Relaxation sound machines help you sleep better

Forget medical sleep aids and prescription drugs that may leave you drowsy when awake. Fall asleep to natural sounds with relaxation sound machines that require no artificial aids. You'll sleep better and enjoy your waking hours full of energy.

  • If background sounds help relax you into slumber, then relaxation sound machines provide just the white noise you need.... read more

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More About Relaxation Sound Machines - Brookstone:

Choose from soothing soundscapes from nature or other settings attuned to human brainwaves for optimal results. The auto shut-off function allows you to fall asleep after a relaxing noise duration that you choose.

  • When you sleep better at night, you have more energy during the day. Relaxation sound machines help induce the deep levels of sleep you need to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. Instead of spending a night tossing and turning only to wake up exhausted, let white noise soothe you while you achieve the restorative sleep that your body requires.

  • Get the rest you need the natural way. Relaxation sound machines from Brookstone may be just the solution for a better night's sleep.

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