Luxis International

Products for foot and joint care - from corns and bunion feet to knee supports and creams

Luxis International is the leading provider of foot care products from joint support and shoe inserts to relief from bunion feet, corns on feet, hammer toe and unbearable foot calluses. Featuring items for all your pain-relief needs, choose from their joint and foot care products.

What's Inside:
  • Foot care products - Say goodbye to foot pain forever with Luxis International's amazing selection of foot solutions! Take care of your feet with the best choices in foot care products from a heel spur cushion to a comfy shoe insert, plus toe bandages, and a cream designed to relieve painful dry heels and cracked feet.

  • Corns on feet - They may be your body's way of protecting your feet, but corns and calluses can become quite painful. No one enjoys the embarrassment of having corns on feet, especially on top of a stubborn foot callus. Pick up a Corn & Callus Trimmer that will safely trim your foot corn or callus. Add a 2-sided Foot File for men's and women's feet to your list and file away foot corns forever!

  • Bunion feet - Find the perfect bunion care treatment for those aching, burning feet better known as Bunion feet! Try the Nitetime Bunion Regulator that gently cradles your big toe into a more normal, less painful position while you catch your z's. Or prevent new bunions and corns on your feet from forming with Featherspring Foot Supports that give your feet the width they need to eliminate the sideward pressure from narrow shoes.

  • Ankle braces - Provide your injured or weak ankle the support it needs with an ankle brace that's just right for you. Luxis knows that no two ankles are exactly alike, which is why these ankle supports are available in a variety of sizes for just-right protection and care for each individual user! Find all of your foot care products, ankle and knee products at Luxis International.

  • Knee braces - Whether your knee problems are due to torn cartilage or the ravages of age or even sore feet, Luxis can help. If you're looking for knee supports for osteoarthritis, support and protection after an injury, or injury-preventative sports knee braces, their unique soft knee supports are the answer. Enjoy the unique combination of support and warmth for relief and care of weakness and pain in one comfortable unit!
Whether you're battling the discomfort of hammer toes, bunion feet, corns, flat feet, heel spurs, or other unfortunate infections plaguing your feet and toes, Luxis is there to help. Feet problems be gone with an amazing collection of quality foot care products. From a shoe insert to a heel spur treatment, Luxis has the products you need for comfortable pain-free mobility all day long.