Quick Medical Supply

Health care supplies and medical equipment for doctor, hospital and home

Since they opened in 1993, Quick Medical Supply has become a leader among medical supplies and medical equipment dealers for:

  • Diagnostic medical equipment -- Quick Medical Supply has the diagnostic tools physicians need to accurately assess patient condition in the office or clinic. Choose quality blood pressure monitors, blood testing devices, audiometers and pulse oximeters for rapid, on-site evaluation.

    What's Inside:


    Medical office supplies -- Stock your office with the disposable medical office supplies and one-time tests you need. From gauze squares and exam table paper to occult stool and pregnancy tests, they have the consumables your office needs every day.


    Medical lighting -- The right lighting is essential for accurate diagnostics and treatment. Choose flexible or fixed exam or surgical lighting to meet your facility's needs.


    Patient care equipment and supplies -- From hospital gowns and drapes to standard or GYN exam tables, they have the equipment, fixtures and supplies needed for patient comfort and care. Make children's in-office visits less stressful with colorful, smaller sized children's exam tables.


    Extensive inventory of home medical supplies -- At home care is easier with their selection of home medical supplies, like a portable pulse oximeter, an effective portable nebulizer, or an automated external defibrillator. Sock your medicine cabinet or first aid kit with disposable medical supplies like gloves, bandages, applicators and sterile pads.


    Physical therapy equipment and supplies -- Add or upgrade your physical therapy equipment with new training stairs, parallel bars or work mats. Check out their many types of pedometers and scales to help therapists and patients track progress across and between therapy sessions.


    Emergency medical product choices -- Whether you're stocking a fire station, satellite clinic or home preparedness kit, Quick Medical has the emergency medical supplies you need to have on hand to handle the unexpected. Portable defibrillators, emergency birth kits, oral airways, and portable transport units to use where standard gurneys can't fit or are unavailable are just a few of the emergency medical treatment supplies in stock and ready to ship.


    Quick Medical Supply is a leader among medical equipment dealers, offering top quality durable medical equipment, consumable medical supplies, medical fixtures and home health care supplies. Call their knowledgeable customer service specialists for help in selecting the right supplies and equipment for your professional or personal needs.