Youcan Toocan

Products for independent daily living - from walking canes to reading magnification aids

Let Youcan Toocan be your online resource for independent living aids, durable medical equipment, home health care products, and adaptive tools.

What's Inside:
  • Grabbers and reachers - Whether you need to brush your hair, put on shoes or get a can from the cabinet, they have products that put everything within reach. Check out their collection of long-handled personal care devices, grabbers and reachers.

  • Walkers, standing aids and walking canes - Getting up and around is easier with Youcan Toocan's selection of mobility aids from a woman or men's walking cane to bed and chair standing helps.

  • Reading magnification aids and lights - Enjoy the latest best sellers or the daily paper with tools designed to illuminate and enlarge any printed material. No more struggling to decipher tiny type in telephone books or on labels.

  • Bathroom safety and stability products - Stay safe in the bathroom, tub or shower with adaptive devices that make using the toilet or bathing easy, safe and enjoyable. Choose from grab bars, toilet seat risers, bath seats, shower wheel chairs and more.

  • Adaptive kitchen equipment - Cooking is easier and safer with special products designed to make it easy to open jars, cook with one hand or use utensils. They've selected the very best products for your comfort, from stove top pan holders to grabbers and reachers that bring even upper shelves into your reach.

  • Incontinence supplies - Their selection of today's thinnest, most comfortable incontinence products will discretely protect you from accidents and odors at home or on the go. Enjoy the privacy of choosing mail order incontinence pads, underwear and liners, delivered right to your door.

  • Fitness and exercise products - Maintain flexibility and strength with their choices in home exercise equipment, from handheld strength enhancers to exercise balls.

Youcan Toocan is devoted to providing you with the products you need to maintain a healthy, independent lifestyle. From a women's or men's walking cane to lighted reading magnification aids and handicap reachers, they have the independent living tools to make your life all you want it to be.