Vitamins of the Month

Top rated vitamins for women and men - herbs, diet solutions, organic health aids and more

Improve your overall health month by month with the top rated vitamins for women and men, children and seniors, athletes, dieters and detoxers.

What's Inside:
  • Vitamins & Minerals - Keep your mind, body and spirit in top form with the top rated vitamins available online. Find the top vitamins for women and men including cell protecting antioxidants, breakthrough minerals, everyday multi-vitamins, prenatal vitamins, and tasty gummies and chewables that kids can't get enough of.

  • Diet - You're only steps away from a leaner physique with a selection of diet solutions that will help you build muscle and fight fat, while shedding extra pounds. Choose from Fat & Carb Blocker, an all-natural formula that has revolutionized weight loss, to delicious meal replacement bars that provide amazing taste and smart nutrition. You can also go the liquid route with diet teas, extracts, drinks and shakes that will help you sip your way to a svelte new figure. And don't forget detox solutions for a healthy refreshing internal cleanse.

  • Sexual Enhancement - Men and women of all ages can boost their sexual drive and energy with safe, natural herbal supplements that have a remarkable ability to enhance sexual response, boost waning hormone levels, and strengthen the reproductive system. Tens of thousands of satisfied customers have made Testosterole for men and Fertilizer-Hers bestselling all natural formulas.

  • Health & Beauty - Besides featuring enough top rated vitamins to stock every medicine cabinet in the house, Vitamins of the Month also brings you health and beauty care products that propose the promise of healthy skin, hair and nails. From body cleansers and body washes to shave gels, organic soaps and serums, choose from lotions, toners and moisturizers, wrinkle remedies, hair care products, deodorants, UV ray blocking sunscreens and more.

  • Mature Health - Feel young again with anti-aging formulas and adult nutrition solutions that provide you with all of the top vitamins and nutrients your body needs during the years when it needs it the most. You'll find the top vitamins for women and men with solutions that target menopause and bone loss for her, cardiovascular health and arthritis pain for him, and many more condition-specific issues for senior adults.

  • Sports & Fitness - Work it out while enjoying maximum performance every time you hit the gym with fueling amino acids, protein bars and powders, and energy enhancers that will help you find your second wind, build lean muscle, and enhance peak performance. Shop pre or post workout solutions with the top rated vitamins and snacks, detox cleanses, digestive aids and other tough acting aids and enhancements for the athlete.

  • Herbs & Homeopathy - Say goodbye to stress with mood calming and mood enhancing herbal teas and extracts, essential oils and herbal capsules, tablets and sprays that have amazing natural properties that nourish and heal, and herbal formulas that can help you sleep, boost your metabolism, libido, and more.

  • Juices & Concentrates - Drink your way to better health with organic juice blends and concentrates that deliver maximum health benefits and body craving nutrients, all served up in a flavorful, great tasting beverage.
Whether you want to ward off the symptoms of the common cold or improve your mood, stifle allergies, lose weight or cleanse your system, Vitamins of the Month is your monthly solution for good health, featuring the top rated vitamins that have the potential to cure any ailment.