Total wellness products and tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Promolife is dedicated to bringing you the very best in total wellness products. Choose from items based upon the latest work in complementary and alternative medicine.

What's Inside:
  • Far infrared saunas, heating pads and clothing - Promote healing, reduce pain and increase well-being with infrared devices. Choose an infrared heat lamp, heating pad or a portable one-person Far infrared sauna to enjoy the healthy benefits at home.

  • Chemical free pools and spas - a healthier alternative - Keep your pool or spa clean and safe with ozone instead of chemicals. Ozone treatment gives you a pure, healthy pool or spa without the harmful effects of chlorine and other traditional pool chemicals.

  • Inversion exercise equipment - Relieve back pain, improve lymphatic function and increase blood flow with affordable, easy to use inversion tables. Long known by alternative health and fitness experts as a wonderful way to relieve pain and increase overall health, inversion tables are now available for home use.

  • Alternative therapy products- Promolife is a leader in alternative healing and wellness products such as ozone oxygen therapy, ionic footbaths, light and sound therapy devices, and sunlamps to treat ailments such as psoriasis and arthritis.

  • Women's and men's heath products - Maintain your physical appearance with a Radiant Blue Light, oxygen facial, Deep Penetrating Light unit or Hairmax laser comb. Each product in the Promolife Inc collection works with your body to reduce the visual signs of aging by reversing damage caused by passing time, environment and toxins.

  • EMF detection and protection - Detect and prevent Electro-magnetic radiation exposure with EMF shields, detectors and neutralizers. Traditional and alternative health care professionals know the dangers of long term EMF exposure -- Promolife's collection of health-enhancing products lets you do something about it.

  • Massage tools - Relax and reduce stress and tension with a heat, percussion or personal massage unit from their collection of soothing massagers.

Browse Promolife's collection of holistic total wellness products. From a laser comb or Far infrared sauna to an inversion table or oxygen therapy unit, they are your resource for a healthier body and mind.