Piper Classics

Enjoy country style decor and framed prints

Piper Classics offers a vast selection of country décor, primitive décor and cottage decorating. Decorate your home with authentic country décor.

What's Inside:

  • Unique decorations - Your home's interior should reflect the natural surroundings that sets it apart. Piper Classics has everything you need to create country décor or primitive décor - from contemporary but classic folk art prints and country landscapes to hand-carved Canadian geese. Impress your guests with your unique taste in cottage decorating.

  • Country style curtains - Choose from a large selection of home country style curtains in a variety of styles and patterns for your country décor. Find curtains in every pattern and style: layered, tiered, tab, fish tail swag or ruffled. Browse through valances and classic checkered country kitchen curtains as well for extra authentic detail.

  • Primitive folk art prints - Complete your cabin décor with a selection of the best country primitives. Their folk art prints and country cottage prints set a mood of relaxation and simplicity. You are sure to find the perfect primitives and decorations for your taste.

  • Country lighting and chandeliers - Choose from a variety of country lamps in every style, including country wall lamps and sconces to country hanging lamps for your kitchen or living room - or free-standing lamps for a truly authentic country cabin. Choose one of their authentic country floor lamps for reading light by the fire, or one of their country table lamps.

  • Candles and more - Light up your home with scented votives in mini candle pans. Piper Classics offers a wide range of fresh-smelling country potpourri, primitive jar candles and authentic, country wall sconces and candle holders to compliment your country lamps.

  • Quilted handbags - Make life simpler again and enjoy the look of a classic, quilted handmade handbag in a cotton patchwork quilt design.

  • Country bath sets - Piper Classics offers a host of different country-inspired items to tie together your cabin or lodge bathroom. Whether you are searching for the perfect decorative hand towel and soap dispenser, or need a primitive country shower curtain to give your country bathroom that natural, homey feel, you will find it here.

  • Braided country rugs - Don't just tie together your room, make it part of your authentic country home. These braided rugs are inspired by country settings with muted tones. Your guests will love them.
Piper Classics has one of the best country décor catalogs around. Explore their site or catalog and find out why.